May 21, 2008

Steve Hofmeyr a singer of Afrikaans songs

My mampara award today goes to Tshifhiwa Shonisani, journalist for the Citizen newspaper. Reporting on Steve Hofmeyr’s recent illness (Title: Singer Hofmeyr out of ICU and ‘much better’), Tshifhiwa says "Hofmeyr, a singer of Afrikaans songs, ….

That’s like saying Elvis Presley is a singer of Rock songs. Or like saying JK Rowling is a writer of children’s fiction.

If you’d done your homework, Tshifhiwa, you’d know that Steve Hofmeyr is probably one of the wealthiest singers in South Africa right now off being a ‘singer of Afrikaans songs’. He is a South African superstar.

Strike two is that your writing is uninspiring, bland and insipid. You could have done a lot more with that story.

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