Stef du Plessis

Motivational speakers: Stef du PlessisStef du Plessis is one of South Africa’s top motivational speakers and business speakers. His credentials speak for themselves … 3 500+ interventions, on five continents over 20 years.

Stef is one of the few motivational speakers whose inspirational message reverberates in the hearts and minds of all who have come into contact with it; long after the event is over.

Stef du Plessis Offering

Stef du Plessis helps companies to improve their bottom-line results by growing their people, leaders and teams at all levels, creating a winning workplace culture and crafting action-driven strategies. He achieves this as a:

  • Motivational and business keynote speaker
  • Outcome-focused workshop facilitator
  • Result-driven strategic facilitator
  • Change and transformation intervention leader

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A fraction of what folks are saying about Stef du Plessis

  • Stef’s programmes have nation-building potential. Thabo Mbeki, former South African President
  • Our attitude towards each other, and the workforce, will never be the same again. I have never seen a facilitator like Stef du Plessis. Rickson Mboweni, Labour Relations Manager, Iscor
  • One of South Africa’s most influential motivators. Council of Education in Management
  • In my view, Stef is one of the top five speakers in the world today. Ian Berry, 2004 President, National Speakers Association of Australia
  • One of the world’s leading practitioners when it comes to teams and team leadership. Institute for International Research

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What Jacques de Villiers Says

I met Stef du Plessis when he started the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa in 2004. Since then I have seen him in action more than a dozen times. I’ve seen 100s of keynotes in my more than 17 years in the speaking game and in my opinion, Stef is Motivational speakers Jacques de Villiersdefinitely a stand-out. I’d rate him as one of the top 3 speakers in South Africa. Don’t get me wrong, there are many great South African motivational speakers making a huge impact, every day. However, there’s something extra special about Stef. His keynote speeches strike a chord in one’s heart and really makes one think about the meaning of one’s life. I know that every time I hear Stef speak, I’m invigorated and excited to make a difference in other people’s lives. Stef is that kind of motivational speaker, he inspires us to find the best in ourselves and then to share our best selves with others.

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