April 24, 2021

Selfishness, entitlement and rights lead to toxic work environments

Toxic workplace culture

I saw this apt quote on my LinkedIn feed this morning by Kovina Moodley.

toxic work environments cost everyone

If you don’t do anything else on this page, watch the video at the end of this post. Parental warning: once you see it, you’ll never view your team mates the same again. You’re welcome!

I saw this post on LinkedIn this morning.

I think that Kovina is spot on. And, by the number of likes (965) and comments (34) it has hit a nerve (and rightly so).

Toxic environments are purely a function (not taking into account workplace bullies, sociopaths, Machiavellians and narccists – that’s a whole other story) of focusing on the self and not the other.

In addition, most organisations set up an environment where their employees compete instead of collaborate. If we are all responsible and accountable to the other, this whole thing works better.

Most employees (including leaders) come in with the view of “What can I take from the organisation. What are my rights?” This, is of course, an unhealthy way to look at things (these play out in all facets of our lives and relationships). We fracture and hurt each other when we’re self-centred.

A better, and the only antidote is to be other-focused in my opinion is to ask, “What can I put into the enterprise? What is my duty? How can I set my team mate up for success.”

When we have this mindset, toxic environments disappear.

In the final analysis, when taking is subordinate to giving, then things start to work better.

This insightful 8 minute YouTube video by Etsko Schuitema, Lead at the Schuitema Human Excellence Group and founder of the Care & Growth Model called why Self-interest is Not in Your Interest is a must watch. It could be the start of an antidote to toxic environments.

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