Second Half

If you want to make the second half of your your sales career your Magnum Opus … something full of meaning, fulfilment and significance, then consider attending Second Half.


This piece of process will put you in control of taking back your power, your passion and your purpose.

No matter at what stage of your life you’re in, you have important work to do and Second Half is Yoda to your Luke Skywalker.


It’s going to get you through the second phase of your life elegantly and eloquently so that you get over that finish line in fantastic shape … secure, significant, fulfilled and grateful.

You’ll learn:


How to play on your strengths and minimise your weaknesses.


How to stand up from adversity and use rejection, failure and fear to craft an exceptional second half.


How to hone yourself intellectually, emotionally and spiritually so that you can become fulfilled and do something exceptional.


After Second Half you’ll not only have the enthusiasm, excitement and energy to take your sales career and shake it by the neck so that you get as much out of it as possible, but you’ll see the positive effects spill over into your personal life too.


Important Details


  • Duration: 1-Day

    Follow up: There’s a 3-month online follow up at weekly intervals to deep dive into the concepts you learned on the 1-Day session.

  • Resources: A workbook, a reflection journal and a copy of the art of being human masterpiece, What if Hollywood Doesn’t Call? A Fractured Monk’s Guide to Enlightenment.

It’s a public course with a maximum of 10 delegates.


Why not reach out and connect to find out more about it and find out when the next one is scheduled.