February 5, 2018

Schuitema Group Personal Excellence Programme

“Our ability to change the world comes first and foremost by changing ourselves.”

Etsko Schuitema

We believe that in order to effectively lead others, you need to be in charge of your own life. It’s a simple yet profound concept.

While much of the work that we at Schuitema Group is with organisations and teams, our passion lies in empowering individuals to realise a greater life. Change always happens at the level of the individual. By enabling individual intent, we have the ability to change the companies we work in, the people we lead and, in fact, the world.

From March 5 – 9, 2018 Etsko Schuitema, internationally acclaimed facilitator, author and thinker will be leading our Personal Excellence Programme at Oaklands Country Manor.

Set amongst the rolling hills in the Central Drakensberg three hours from Johannesburg, this five day intensive, interactive retreat aims to provide an opportunity for you to establish the existential gravity and maturity that is essential in leading others.

Through the examination of the key elements of personal excellence which are necessary for both personal fulfilment and leadership success, we will engage in a process that provides a foundation for your own personal growth.

The Programme uses the five main pillars of personal development that Etsko has developed over his extensive career.  These pillars include The Two Attentions, Transactional Correctness, The Three Intentions, The Four Concerns and The Six Aspirations.

Over the course of the week, we will go on an extraordinary journey of collaborative workshops, breakout sessions, meditation and re-engaging with the world as your new self.

You will leave feeling a renewed sense of purpose with powerful tools to constantly hone your life, a clear understanding of the importance of intent and how you too can live your greater life.

This program has the potential to completely transform your approach to your life and your ability to lead.

A stunning hotel, with award winning food, surrounded by nature, Oaklands provides the perfect space for this transformative personal journey. (

If you are interested in joining us, please contact for more information or go to .


In the words of others: 


“Etsko created an absolutely excellent learning environment, he is a brilliant storyteller.”

  • Nthaba Sibanda


“I really appreciated the depth of introspection of the program and the redefining of concepts that we take for granted.”

  • Zayd Wadel


“Mature learning principles were so effectively applied. I couldn’t help but go on this mind shattering journey.”

  • Amanda Venketsamy