What's the salon about?

This salon is going to be held every Thursday night (from June 2021) via a Zoom meeting. I’m still deciding on the time; I’m leaning towards 20h00.

Its benevolent intent is to hold space for seekers who are trying to navigate this human journey elegantly and eloquently.

We’ll be discussing the works of four leading spiritual thinkers:

  1. Shaykh Ebrahim Schuitema (Sufi/Islam)
  2. Carlos Castaneda (Shamanism)
  3. Ram Dass (Hindu)
  4. Neale Donald Walsh (not sure how to categorise him – comparative theology/spirituality)
  5. We could add others in. The four above are the ones I’ve studied the most over the last 15 years and it will probably take us a lifetime to unpack all their truths. (I get that it’s a masculine mix and there’s no feminine and not all major practices are represented – don’t let that hamstring you. The discussions are gender neutral and inclusive of all people and all views).

The idea is either to send out a piece of text, podcast or video of a learning from one of the four (or view it online) and then give our comments and insights.

The salon is not for teaching or debate (we’ll set up rules of conduct so that it is a safe space for everyone). It is for reflection and it is up to each individual to decide to incorporate the lessons into their own lives or not.

The idea is to kindle something in our souls, something that makes us better humans and something that raises our consciousness.

Ram Dass
Neale Donald Walsh
Neale Donald Walsh
Etsko Schuitema
Shaykh Ebrahim Schuitema
Carlos Castaneda
Carlos Castaneda
Jacques de Villiers

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