February 2, 2013

Use these phrases to tune your prospect out

Sales Training - words that can scupper a sale

I’ve just watched my favourite sales author, Jill Konrath’s You Tube clip: These words get your sales message deleted immediately.

I blushed after watching Jill’s You Tube clip because I think I may have been guilty of using some of these phrases as well at some stage of my sales training career (and, I probably still am).

I also see these phrases on some of sales training, business services and motivational speakers websites from time to time. See if some of these are in your sales lexicon:

  • Leading edge
  • State-of-the-art
  • Award winning
  • Passion for excellence
  • Innovative
  • Creative

Let me not steal Jill Konrath’s thunder. Check out her clip to see what other phrases you use that can turn people off.

Stop Using These 16 Terms To Describe Yourself

A couple of weeks before I saw Jill’s You Tube clip, I found this interesting post on LinkedIn by Jeff Haden (Ghostwriter, speaker, Inc. columnist), Stop Using These 16 Terms To Describe Yourself.

This post certainly resonated with folks. At last count:

  • 3051 tweets
  • 6,5k likes on Facebook (I’m assuming that is 6 500)
  • 921 G+
  • 16k LinkedIn shares (Is that 16 000?)

This tells me that these phrases seriously irritate people. So, maybe we shouldn’t use them:

  1. World-class
  2. Authority
  3. Results orientated
  4. Global provider
  5. Motivated
  6. Dynamic
  7. Guru
  8. Unique
  9. Incredibly

Ok, you’ll have to look up the other 7, here.

I have a couple of my own pet hates:

  • Corporate company
  • Moving/going forward
  • Pretty unique
  • Any and every way we screw up the use of an apostrophe
  • 100% (lately, whenever someone agrees with you, they say this phrase)
  • Whatever (like a flag to a bull for me)
  • Best of breed (for dogs and horses only)
  • #1 best-seller (motivational speakers who have written books are prone to this hyperbole) This may put it in perspective. There are “…18 million authors in America, each with an average of 14 readers, eight of whom are blood relatives. Average annual earnings: $1.75.” TIME (7 June 2010, p. 12 – from a contribution by Garisson Keillor in the Chicago Tribune).

Of course, in my instance, it may be a case of ‘the pot calling the kettle black’ or ‘people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones’ (another two phrases that make me cringe) because I’ve probably got a dozen of these idiot phrases in my web copy. Seriously, if you spot any, please let me know so that I can eradicate them from this site.

Your Guru Is In The House (Tongue firmly in cheek)

Sales training specialist, Jacques de Villiers is incredibly lucky to work with corporate companies who are going forward. His world-class sales training courses are pretty unique and best-of-breed. He doesn’t have a #1 bestseller out yet, but when he does write his book, it will be. He’ll have at least 20 readers. His passion for excellence makes him one of the best motivational speakers and a top global provider for incredibly dynamic, results-orientated corporate companies who are looking for a guru to help them. 😉

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