Sales Training Survey

I’ve been consulting and conducting sales training courses for a while now (circa 1998).

Out of all the sales teams I have trained and consulted to … 70/80% of the team is 40 to 50% under target every month.

This is of course only my experience. But translated, that means that 8 out of 10 sales people aren’t cutting it.

So, is sales training actually the route to go?

According to the Chally Group most sales training initiatives produce less than 5% productivity improvement and there is an 87% loss of skill one month after training if it is not reinforced.

If it is true, this is not a statistic that would make the sales training fraternity and its client comfortable at all.

The statistics aren’t pretty:

  • Out of 7 500 sales forces, customers rated only 17 as world class (Chally Group)
  • Only 9% of meetings end in a sale (Ryals and Davies)
  • Only 1 out of 250 sales people exceed their targets (Ryals and Davies)
  • $1760 of profit per sale is needed just to cover the cost of failed sales meetings assuming that the meeting cost, on average, is $160 (Ryals and Davies)
  • 67% of graduates from an Ivy League university ended up in “sales” when only 4% said that they would actually choose sales as a career. This means that they are still waiting for their ‘real dream job’. And the one they’re in right now is not it.
  • 3% of sales come from cold calling (DemandGen Report). More than 50% of sales leads are now generated from your website.

It would be great if you could participate in the sales training survey below and let me know your experience.

Pop me a note to and I will send you the survey results as a “thank you” for participating.


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