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Architecture of Selling Sales Training
Architecture of Selling

This sales course has been crafted with the inexperienced sales person in mind. These sales people are driven by security and power. They act in the best interest of themselves. In other words they sell to get (money and stuff). They have a more predatory mindset and are driven by the hunt and the rewards thereof. This is where they’re at right now and this is how it should be (for now). This course covers the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of selling and is a good grounding in the fundamentals of persuasion and influence.

Intent Selling

This is more than a sales course. It’s a discourse on how to be human. It has been crafted for experienced (jaded) sales people who are looking for more than security and power. It is aimed at sales people who want fulfilment and harmony. They’re in the space where they act in the best interests of their customers and company. They sell to give. They sell to set their customers and company up for success. They yearn for meaning and relevance and want to come to work for something bigger than a paycheque. This course covers the ‘why’ of selling and gives meaning to the work at hand.

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