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I'm holding the workshop below on 16 October. You get my friends and family rate because you were at the last PSASA Gauteng Chapter meeting on 29 August.

Offer is time sensitive: Book before Friday 6 September to claim your discount.

Read the copy below and claim your discount.


This workshop will help you hit your sales targets by teaching you how to craft the right messages that cut through all the marketing and sales noise in your market so that you attract and convert your ideal customer.


You'll Learn How To:

Create engaging and effective sales landing pages and websites that convert better

Write more persuasive emails that get read and actioned - leading to more sales

Craft compelling prospecting and face-to-face pitches - that lead to more business

It's Not Your Fault ...

... if your prospects aren't filling in your contact forms on your website, responding to your email offers or signing on the dotted line when you pitch to them face-to-face.

Few of us have been trained to write persuasive messages that are designed to cut through the marketing and sales noise and are perfectly calibrated to get our prospects to buy from us.

Effective messaging that gets customers to buy is no longer the sole domain of high-priced advertising agencies and the blue-chip companies that can afford them.

You too can get the secret sauce to moving your prospects and customers to clicking on your 'Buy Now' button, filling in your contact form or signing on the dotted line of your next proposal, by attending the Successful Sales Scripting Workshop.

You'll learn a messaging framework that'll move more of your prospects and customers to buy from you more consistently.

Join Jacques de Villiers on

By the time you leave the workshop at 16h00, you'll have crafted your message to attract customers to your offering.

You'll learn:

  • What drives your prospects and customers to take action so that you can capitalise on that
  • How to use your stories to engage and move your prospects and customers to buy
  • How to identify your ideal customer - those that have the need and means for your product or service
  • How to build both an emotional and logical argument through the Hero's Journey framework
  • How to structure your websites, sales landing pages, marketing emails and pitches so that your prospects stay engaged and buy from you
  • How to use influence language to connect where it counts when it comes to your prospects and customers
  • How to build your email database with your ideal customer using effective lead magnets

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

08h30 - 16h00

305 Long Avenue, Ferndale

Your facilitator: Jacques de Villiers

Jacques is a Rainmaker specialising in sales improvement. His particular area of interest is sales copywriting for landing pages, websites, telephone prospecting scripts and face-to-face presentations.

Jacques brings a wealth of experience in the field of persuasion and influence to all his workshops through more than 30 years in the public relations, marketing, communication, advertising, crisis management and sales copywriting trenches.

Over the last 21 years, he has presented more than 1 200 sales improvement workshops and presentations.

What's My Investment?

How much longer can you afford to lose sales because of unclear messaging?

How much longer are you going to be lost in the marketing and sales noise?

How many customers are missing out on your offering because your sales and marketing messages are unclear, unfocused and irrelevant?

The Successful Sales Scripting Workshop will help you generate more qualified leads, get more contact forms filled in and get more sales proposals signed off.

R2 497 per delegate

Because it's an interactive and practical session, a limited number of delegates (10) are invited to this workshop so that Jacques can give individualised attention to each delegate.

Book your place on the workshop now. Fill in the form below so that Jacques can connect with you.

For PSASA members and guests at the last Gauteng Chapter Meeting

R1 500 per delegate

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

08h30 - 16h00

305 Long Avenue, Ferndale