January 28, 2013

Sales Management Training Top 3 on Google

I checked my Google ( ranking for sales management training tonight and was shocked or maybe delighted that I have three different pages in the top 3 in organic search.

Not being the boastful sort and prone to hyperbole, I’m putting the screenshot up as proof that it actually did happen. By tomorrow the whole lot could have disappeared.

sales management training get's top Google rankings

I’m not really sure why I would get such a good position for three of my pages. I don’t have any back links to these pages and hardly any to my home page, to speak of.

I do remember a friend and SEO specialist Francois Muscat telling me that if a website didn’t have at least 100 pages of content, it pretty much wouldn’t feature in the top search engine rankings.

So, perhaps he was right – content is king. I’ve got close on 50 static pages and more than 140 blog posts (most properly meta tagged). I can only hope that this has pushed the Google rankings up and that it is not an anomaly.

This is what I’ve heard will help your rankings:

  • Size does matter. 100+ pages on your website
  • No duplicate copy on your website
  • Write copy for your target audience and not for search engines
  • Of course, do put relevant keywords in
  • Get quality back links to your website. I’m so far behind on this one
  • Write great descriptions. So, should you be at #9, you will still get a look see if your description has impact
  • If your keyword is #1 on Google, you get a 27% click through and if you’re #2 you get less than 12%. That is a frighteningly big gap, if this statistic is true
  • #1 rankings mean squat if you don’t convert a good percentage of those that go to your website

Write something amazing

I don’t know if any or none or all of the above is true. All I know is that I write because I have ideas (some of them amazing) to share that I hope will improve the lives of my readers. I think if I do that I’ll do just fine, even if I don’t get top search engine rankings.

Copywriter, Jacques de Villiers writes because it is a fun and noble way to spread ideas.

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