May 14, 2013

sales copywriting speaker reviews Swivl

Swivl Personal Cameraman

“Motivational speakers, educators and trainers now have access to their own personal cameraman,” says sales copywriting speaker, Jacques de Villiers.

I’ve been using Swivl for just over six months and found it a most useful tool. I think I’m the first South African professional speaker to use one. Perhaps the only person in South Africa to have one.

Basically, you can plug your IPhone into it and start filming.

A sensor picks up where you move to and the Swivl follows your movement.

This means that you:

  • No longer have to stand in one spot to ensure that you are always in frame
  • You can move 360 degrees and the Swivl will follow you
  • You don’t have to ask a friend to film you. You can do it yourself
  • The sensor doubles up as a microphone (with a 10 metre recording distance).

I’ve created a seriously amateurish video clip to demonstrate how Swivl works …Forget about the quality of the video (used too much light and look like I have yellow jaundice and dropped the sensor) but listen to the difference in quality sans Swivl and with Swivl … it is chalk and cheese.

The biggest challenge for motivational speakers, trainers and educators is getting good sound quality. And, of course, lighting. Especially professional speakers, who often present their keynote speeches in dimly lit venues. Swivl can’t help with the lighting … but it sure as hell helps with the sound quality.

How Much?

Unfortunately, at the time of this blog post, Swivl is not available in South Africa. One has to bring it over from the USA. I ordered mine from the USA. After shipping ($40 or so) and import duty (about R350), it became a bit expensive and brought the R1 700 price tag in the R2 000s.

But, even at that price it is worth it.

Of course, if you’re in the USA, you get free shipping.

So, whether you’re a motivational speaker, educator or trainer, Swivl is probably a great, hassle-free way of filming your presentation.

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