Turn visitors into prospects, prospects into customers and customers into super-fans

Get more leads and referrals

Write marketing messages that get the visitors on your website interested enough in your offering to start a conversation with you.

Write sales-generating messages so that you can turn your prospects into customers.

Get them to buy stuff from you

Turn your existing customers into raving fans so that they buy almost anything you put out and talk you up to their connections.

Build a tribe of super-fans

For entrepreneurs, business owners, marketing and sales professionals


I'll teach you to write marketing messages that'll attract customers who value (and are prepared to pay for) your products or services and weed out those who aren't the right fit for your business.

Jacques de Villiers - Facilitator

27 February 2020 - HB Connect, Sandton, Johannesburg 09h00 - 16h00

4 March 2020 - Workshop 17, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town 09h00 - 16h00

R2 297 per delegate

The Problem with our Messaging

The Curriculum


Given the mass of meaningless marketing noise in South Africa, it has never been easier to get your business brand to stand out head and shoulders above the rest. It doesn’t require spammy, predatory and ploy-ridden marketing that overwhelms your social media or crams your email inbox.

All it requires is that your brand cuts through the hollow fare that is endlessly dished out every day. In fact, if your business is not reaching the heights that you dreamt it would, it probably has very little to do with you. Given the morass of marketing misinformation that’s available, is it any wonder that we can’t get the traction in our business that we want?

"Take a deep breath and relax."

I can help you cut through the noise, take control of your brand and build the business of your dreams.

Through my *Resonance Marketing Workshop I'll teach you to write marketing messages that'll attract customers who value (and are prepared to pay for) your products or services and weed out those who aren't the right fit for your business.

*Resonance is when your message connects deeply with your prospects' dominant buying motive so they become interested in your content, loyal to your brand and more likely to buy from you over and over again.

Here's the thing. When it comes to messaging, for most entrepreneurs our approach is too broad-brush (and boring) and the resonance is just wrong.

Most South African businesses use a broad-brush, cookie-cutter approach to writing their marketing messages. You know the one ... highlight the customers problem; present a solution with the requisite features and benefits; show a couple of testimonials (for social proof) and have a call-to-action. That's a shot-gun approach and dead-dull because everyone does it.

The other extreme is that when it comes to messaging, South African entrepreneurs have bought into the over-the-top, in-your-face, high-pressure marketing flogged to us by USA marketers. The same people who think that Africa is a country (if they even know where it is) and that its grateful and ignorant natives will lap up their marketing systems.

In the main, South Africans are more conservative in our posture. We don't like to be bullied by high-pressure, spammy sales and marketing techniques. They need space to think rather than pressure to purchase.

Our register, resonance and rapport is different and marketing messages need to be more nuanced and finessed to reflect this.

If you've read this far, the chances are that the Resonance Marketing Workshop is probably a right fit for you. Why do I say this? For two reasons.

First, you clearly have a pain point (you're probably not making enough sales) otherwise you wouldn't have bothered to read this text.

Second, this particular piece of text is quite long. I've done this on purpose. I'm trying to discourage skimmers and scanners, not because I don't want them on the workshop, but because they're probably not going to have the stamina to do the work after the workshop. It will only work for those who are prepared to buckle down and really get to grips with their core marketing messaging (which is the foundation and most important piece of the puzzle when it comes to unlocking your businesses potential). Don't worry, I'll hold your hand after the workshop to make sure that you get exactly the right message out to attract exactly the right customers for you.

The workshop will give you a solid framework so that you can turn visitors into prospects, prospects into customers and customers into super-fans.

- Understand your ideal customer's mind through the Hero's Journey storytelling structure

- Discover what it is that you really want so that you know your worth and you're prepared to stand up straight and ask for it

- Learn how to tease out who your ideal customer is and develop a persona and avatar for future messaging

- Figure out who you don't want as a customer (those that don't appreciate your work and aren't prepared to pay a fair price for it)

- Find the hidden gems in your offering that will give you a unique edge when positioning your business against your competitors

- Craft a core marketing message that has the resonance, register and rapport to connect with your ideal customer

- Share that message to the platforms where your ideal customers hang out so that you can connect with them

- Learn how to set up a marketing system that perpetually keeps you top-of-mind with your ideal customer

- Explore how to develop a base of super-fans who'll pretty much buy everything you craft and that will talk your business up so that you can attract more super-fans

If you want to build the business of your dreams, you should seriously consider attending the Resonance Marketing Workshop.

The *workbook, tea/coffee/snacks and lunch are included in the workshop.

* The workbook will give you the precise roadmap on how to craft compelling marketing messages so that you can grow the business of your dreams.

You'll also walk away with a number of bonus resources to help you on your marketing journey, including:

- The best AI tools to move your marketing forward

- How to craft sales-generating landing pages

- How to craft lead magnets

- How to write perfect blog posts to move you up Google search rankings

And, lots more

Post-Workshop Zoom Call

Once you've written your marketing copy, you can send it to me and we can set up a half-hour Zoom call to tweak and finesse it into something that resonates and registers with your visitors, prospects and customers so that they buy more from you more often.

By now the benefits to you should be clear. If this workshop resonates with you, pop up to the top of the this page and fill in the contact form and I'll reach out to you. Please indicate whether you want to attend the Johannesburg workshop on 27 February or the Cape Town one on 4 March and how many delegates you want to send in the comment box.

My best to you,

Jacques de Villiers

082 906 3693