These are the projects that I’m busy with in 2015.

  • Keep Dad In The Game: Helping 50+ males stay significant, employed and empowered through mentoring
  • Speakers Against Abuse: We help where we can with the charity I support The Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa (PSASA) managed to raise more than R27 000 for Matla A Bana in 2014
  • Book Writing: The Mediocrity Virus
  • Book Writing: The Sales Manager’s Ultimate Checklist
  • Book Writing: The Honest Sales Professional … Direct Response Copywriting
  • Rereading: All of Ayn Rand’s works (I’m enamoured by Objectivism)
  • The Bewildered Spy: Collating and transcribing documents from a suitcase full of my father, Dr Bruckner de Villiers personal effects. I found the suitcase in Franschhoek after he passed away in 2000. Some of the things I’ve uncovered – his dealings with Lang Hendrik van der Berg (Prime Minister John Vorster’s spy master), why he became a spy, how he and Beyers Naude got started in the Christian Institute, how he was a suspect in a murder and got off because the real murderer confessed, why he was jailed in Geneva, what was his involvement with the Progressive Party, how he felt about taking lectures from Carl Jung in Zurich, still trying to figure out who his 3rd wife was, the real story of the Kruger millions, why he and a bunch of other dominees left the Dutch Reformed Church in 1960, why did he quit the violin, why did he not take up his Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford, what were his views on Namibia (then South West Africa) and lots more.