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Resonant Selling


  • The Care and Growth Leadership Model

Organisations succeed to the degree to which they solicit the intent of the average employee to make a contribution. This only happens when employees work for people who Care and Grow them.

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What we refer to as “modern” management was established in the early years of the 20th Century and has remained unchanged for the last 100 years. Management as a technology has largely stopped evolving. It is time to reinvent management; to challenge the basic beliefs and assumptions on which “modern” management is based.

Axiom 1The Nature of the Relationship

What is at issue between employer and employee is not the price of a commodity called labour, it is the legitimacy of a relationship of power.

Axiom 2Requirements for Legitimacy

Any relationship of power is legitimate if the aim of that relationship is the Care and Growth of the subordinate in the relationship.

Axiom 3Empowerment

Empowerment implies an incremental suspension of control.

Axiom 4Maturity

Maturity means being here to serve, or acting with generosity and courage.

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