December 10, 2017

Professional Speakers Listing Campaign

Professional speakers in south africa

This is a campaign that was aimed at professional speakers, trainers, coaches and consultants who need more exposure in the search engines.

Professional Speakers Listing Campaign was sent to a mixture of my database and LinkedIn.

Sales Landing Page: Get Found

Professional Speakers Be Found MarketingCampaignSent: 1200
Visits to landing page: 121
Conversion to sales: 20 (16,53%)
Secondary conversion: Speaker Services Another 10 sales.

Sales @ R1 200.00 per sale.

So, the conversion rate was good.

The reason is that I aimed at a very specific market.

Top Professional Speakers

I never aimed at the ‘top’ motiational speakers. I.e. Those that have been around for 15 years+. The goal was to reach professional speakers, coaches, trainers and consultants who are relatively new to the business and haven’t found traction yet with their marketing.

The Professional Speakers Offer

The main benefit is that the site will get high rankings over the next six months with the keywords, ‘motivational speakers’ and the like.

To do this, the site has to generate in the region of 2000 new pages in the next six months. All the professional speakers and coaches will be adding ‘original content’ to the the actual website.

The content strategy is combined with a linking strategy (both internal and external) and a social media linking strategy too.

The big challenge is going to be to get content from the business speakers coaches, consultants and trainers.

Currently it is coming in drips and drabs and I’ve only managed to complete Dawn Klatzko’s profile.

If you want Jacques de Villiers to run your next direct marketing campaign, build your sales landing page or tune up your website, please reach out and connect.

Have a look at the last direct marketing campaign website tune up. This one is still in play but has not worked as well. Will be sending it to a new database soon.


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