Presentation Skills Training

Presentation Skills Training in South AfricaIf you want to hit every presentation you give for a six then you should consider the presentation skills training course: Present for Success.

You will learn how to win every time you deliver a presentation by understanding and mastering the why, who, what and how.

This 3-day practical presentation skills training workshop designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to design, prepare and deliver a speech or presentation that will achieve the desired end results of motivating, inspiring, convincing, persuading, informing and entertaining the audiences you address.
This workshop caters for delegates who are new and afraid of the whole speaking in public scene as well as those who are already familiar with speaking and presentation skills and now want to hone their skills so that the can constantly deliver confident Winning Speeches and Presentations.

Next Presentation Skills Training Course (3-days)

Johannesburg: 4 – 6 March 2013 [Venue to be confirmed, 08h30 – 16h30]
Investment: 5 550 excluding per delegate. If you bring more than 3 people from your company, you get 10% off the entire fee.
Book now: Simone Scholtz – or 071 670 2168

What Makes this presentation skills training workshop different?

You will learn ‘Have to Knows’, the ‘Good to Knows’ and the ‘Nice to Knows’ so that there are no more “secrets” to this world or speaking and presenting.
Then we will cover all the ground you will need to overcome the fears of public speaking, give you opportunities to get up and test the skills you have learnt and provide ongoing group feedback and expert evaluations as you progress towards mastering the different skills.
This workshop allows for on-the-spot problem identification and solving in a friendly environment.

Workshop Structure

This is a Modular based programme that takes you through the first 3 Phases of Speech Making and Presentation Skills.
Note. We will not cover the 4th module (Multimedia Presentations and Microphone
Techniques) and the 5th module (Specialist Presentation Skills) in this workshop due to time constraints. These form part of a 5 day Master Class Presentation Skills Workshop.

We will cover the 3 critical building blocks and core skills for Presenting for Success in Phases 1, 2, & 3.

Phase 1 – Speech and Presentation Writing and Development.

  • The planning, research and creative process.
  • Writing the speech for the audience’s needs and not just a generic “canned” speech. Arguably the most important and most neglected phase of making speeches and presentations.

Phase 2 – The Core Speaking and Presentation Skills

  • Understanding the core elements and practical speechmaking such as controlling nerves, eye contact, body language, voice projection, vocal variety, note management and the like

Phase 3 – Presentation Skills

  • Delivering the speech and presentation
  • Managing the platform
  • Using PowerPoint
  • Using Props
  • Using data projectors
  • Handling questions and objections

Note: – You will present your own business or personal presentation with live feedback
and evaluations.
Workshop Costs

Practice Make Perfect

You cannot learn to speak and present by only reading or listening to somebody talking about it. The truth is you just have to get up there and do it over and over again. That is why this workshop includes no less than 3 speaking opportunities for you to test and practise what you are learning as we go along:

  • Speaking and Presentation Skills Self Assessment (online – before the workshop)
  • Prepare and Present a 2 Minute” Introduce Yourself” Speech for day 1
  • Present an Impromptu 1 to 2 minute speech during the workshop
  • Prepare and Present a 7 to 10 Minute Business / Personal Presentation Using Visual Aids

Group Size

  • Maximum 12 delegates to allow everybody to get the opportunity to practise the skills learned.
  • Minimum of 6 delegates to enhance group interaction.

Your Presentation Skills Workshop Facilitator: Adolph Kaestner

presentation skills training - Adolph KaestnerAdolph Kaestner, also known as Dolf, has been involved with speaking and presentations since 1983 (30 years). He joined the Professional Speaking circuit in 1992 and has presented countless speeches, training sessions and workshops to over 20,000 people in 12 Countries.

  • Dolf is a Professional Motivational Speaker, Trainer and Mentor.
  • He is a Specialist Presentation Skills Trainer and Personal Development Mentor.
  • Dolf is best described as a high energy presenter who knows what he is doing and gives everything he contracts to give and then a whole lot more. A truly unselfish giver and sharer of everything he knows.
  • He is a past Winner of the South African Speaking Championships and represented Southern Africa at the World Championships of Public Speaking in St Lois USA in 1996.
  • He is also a Founder and Professional Member of the PSASA (Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa) and UPSA and is a practitioner member of COMENSA.
  • He is also a registered Proudly South African

What past delegates say about this presentation skills training workshop

  • “The lights went on, The fear is gone – thanks for making presenting so much fun” Thozamile Dlamini – Thozi Speaks
  • “The small group, practical experiences and interaction with lecturer and delegates made this workshop really special” Riekie Erasmus – Telkom
  • “The relaxed atmosphere, humour and shared information made learning and overcoming fears so much easier” Lynette Le Roux – DEG Invest
  • “I enjoyed the course and thought that Adolph gave great tips on improving the delegates’ presentation skills. I found that the study material was very easy to follow and comprehensive. It was clearly evident that the Adolph was well prepared for the workshop and answered the delegates questions with no trouble at all. I liked the way Adolph encouraged participation from everyone in the classroom and how he created a relaxed learning atmosphere” Tumi Mabaso – Telkom

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Johannesburg: 4 – 6 March 2013 [Venue to be confirmed, 08h30 – 16h30]
Investment: 5 550 excluding per delegate. If you bring more than 3 people from your company, you get 10% off the entire fee.
Book now: Simone Scholtz – or 071 670 2168