May 14, 2012

Power Up Your Direct & Digital Marketing

The Business Generator, Jacques de Villiers will be presenting How to Sell Face-to-Face in a Digital World on the Power Up Your Direct & Digital Marketing Workshop ticket in Cape Town on 7 June 2012. Top European direct marketing expert, Michael Leander (from Denmark) will headline the event. He will also be speaking at the Direct Marketing Association of South Africa’s Social Media & Email Marketing Summit on 4 – 5 June 2012.

You are invited to attend any of our 2 events in Johannesburg and Cape Town. These events have been highly rated by thousands of attendees in more than 20 countries. And the DMASA, Markedu SA and Jacques de Villiers are very excited to bring them to South Africa for the first time ever.

[Click on the link] In Johannesburg on 4 – 5 June 2012, you are invited to attend The Social Media & Email Marketing Summit.

The Summit will help marketers learn:

•  To understand how to find new customers in social media
•  To convert more web site visitors to email marketing dialogue
•  To get behind social networking platforms including Facebook, YouTube and Linkedin
•  To optimise email marketing for maximum results
•  To use true and tested techniques to service customers in social media
•  And much more besides, to prove that being direct is a better way to optimise marketing spend.
•  We hope to be able to unveil the results of the first SA Benchmark survey on email at the Summit!

Click here to find out more about the Summit and to book.

[Click on the link] In Cape Town on 7 June 2012, you are invited to attend the Power Up Your Direct & Digital Marketing Workshop

At the Workshop marketers will discover:

•  How to build a strong marketing foundation to increase your sales result dramatically and in record time
•  How you can translate understanding of your target market to admirable conversion results
•  How to leverage the power of digital marketing to attract more qualified leads and prospects and convert them to sales
•  How to effectively use social media in your marketing mix for a real return on investment
•  Why profiling, database, conversion flows and words matter now more than ever

Click here to find out more about the Workshop and to book.

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