November 16, 2022

Please stop my accountant from firing me

direct sales letter writer, Jacques de Villiers

This is a direct response sales letter I wrote for my How To Charge Like A Grown Up Workshop. I loved writing it.



I would like to offer you a spot on one of my signature workshops, How To Charge Like A Grown Up. I’m facilitating it live and in-person on 24 November 2022 at half price, a ludicrously low R1 900 a seat.


Well, some unkind people (my family and my accountant) think that I spend all my time drinking whiskey and playing chess with my awesome friends. And I resent that. Probably because it is so true.

My accountant said that I could do better. That I could bolster the balance sheet. Geez, I thought I was doing well enough with my copywriting business. Well enough to drink whiskey and play chess with my friends, anyway. And, get the odd bass fishing weekend in too.

Clearly he lives in the rarefied air of the very wealthy and has the clients to prove it.

I’m convinced that he name-dropped Lionel Messi the other day, but I was probably recovering from a hangover, and misheard. I do know that he has clients that earn wild money every month. One of them, an attorney, brings in 700k a month.

But I think that if I was earning that kind of money, I wouldn’t have time to drink whiskey and play chess with my friends. And, go on the odd bass fishing weekend! What would be the fun in that? Yet I am open to moving the money earning dial a bit further to keep my accountant happy.

My accountant hinted that he only works with prime clients (what, am I a rib eye steak to him?). I think he is actually saying he’ll cut me loose if I don’t shape up.

The cheek of it.

The trouble is that I actually like him. He’s cool and Zen and spiritual and whip-smart, my kind of person. I know his children go to perfect schools, and they have horses too. I suppose these eating and pooping creatures cost a pretty penny to support. I meant the horses, not the children.

I also know that the more I earn, the more he earns.

So, perhaps Lionel Messi isn’t a client of his after all, otherwise he wouldn’t be squeezing me to do better. Maybe he’s feeling financial pressure? Maybe the horses’ upkeep is too much? I don’t know. All I know is that I don’t want to lose him.

And to be frank, it’s November and near year-end. I have neither the energy nor the mental bandwidth to look for another accountant. It’ll be easier to add some more money to my bank account.

So, can you help me keep him, please? Go to the How To Charge Like A Grown Up landing page and scratch around there. If it resonates with your situation, please book your seat (in-person or online).

You’re the Job


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