January 17, 2015

Play Injured

Play Injured motivational speakers

The other day I set up my goals. One of them was to get into shape (again) for 2015. Running five times a week and gym four times a week.

The day of the start of my great transformation, life conspired against me.

I got the flu.

The upshot of it was that I lost a whole week of training (5 000 or so calories I could have burned up).

This week I’m not 100% but decided to train anyway. Play injured, as it were.

Because if I don’t, another week will go by and another … you get the picture, I’m sure.

You’ve probably heard this one – “How do you make God laugh?” The answer of course is, “Tell him your plans.”

So, the bottom line is that life is what it is, messy, unexpected and sometimes downright frustrating because things don’t go according to your plan.

Just because setbacks happen it is no reason not to carry on. If we let every setback stall us in our tracks, we’d never get very far in life would we?

So, even if things aren’t perfect, even if we’re ‘injured’ we’ve still got to keep going.

Ask any sportsperson if their bodies are in peak condition every time they compete. You’ll probably find that 95% of them are nursing some kind of injury or another. It doesn’t stop them from competing and they play injured regardless.

Most of us have to play injured … our relationships may be fractured, out health may not up to scratch, we’re out of a job, we’re stuck in a job we hate or we’re depressed (or think we are).

Just in case you’re playing injured (and, if you’re above ground, you probably are) consider some of these people that rose to significance even though their circumstances weren’t ideal:

  • Winston Churchill – British Prime Minister – depression
  • Buzz Aldrin – Astronaut – depression
  • Ludwig van Beethoven – Composer – bipolar disorder
  • Marlon Brando – Actor – depression
  • John Daly – Golfer – depression
  • Rosie O’Donnell – Comedienne – depression
  • Abraham Lincoln – American President – depression
  • Vincent van Gogh – Artist – depression
  • Stephen Hawkins – Physicist – motor neuron disease
  • Jean-Dominique Bauby – Author – locked-in syndrome

I know that I sometimes feel as if I have a black dog of depression hanging over me. But I try not to let this stop me from doing what I have to do to survive and be significant.

Even though my mental faculties are dulled and my spirit is beaten, I still put it all on the line. I still play injured. How can I not … I’m human. I have to cross the great finish line at the end of my time.

And, when I do, even if I limp over it, I want to hold my head high and know that I did my best, injured or not.

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