November 13, 2014

Person Excellence Program in India

Rajnish Singh from Johnson Matthey gave me the opportunity to do a personal excellence program for JM personnel at a place called Sona Pani, unnamedoverlooking the majestic Nanda Devi Peak in the Indian Himalaya.

My initial concern was that there was too little diversity in the group, since all the participants were from JM and most of them were from India. Diversity is useful insofar as the goal is to challenge the participants ordinary way of experiencing the world and their place within it. Diversity within a group assists the movement towards a place in which participants more easily side-line their deep convictions and explore the ideas presented them with curiosity, insulated from their own dogmas. Below are pictures taken on the program:



Participants answering questions which explore their convictions.


pic 1

Participants engaged in group exercise



Group discussion



Nanda Devi peak.

I must say that my concerns about a lack of diversity did not turn out to be problematic. This is probably more for the majestic setting that the program was done in rather than how I conducted it. Once again the program was conducted at the foot of Nanda Devi peak in the Indian Himalaya.

The essence of the personal excellence program is to put the participants back in touch with a sense of awe. This is the goal and point of the program. That proves not to be a particularly challenging task at the foot of Nanda Devi, which happens to be 7816m high!