March 29, 2008

Pastor Zuma is dangerous for politics

Checking out a Saturday Star from 2007 I was intrigued to hear Jacob Zuma say that it is dangerous for the clergy to be involved in politics. He was responding to Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s involvement in some or other political fray.

Here’s three questions I have for Jacob Zuma.

  1. What if Reverend Martin Luther King Jnr. never got involved in politics? Do you think the black man would have had the rights he has now.
  2. What if Reverend Beyers Naude and at least 30 other dominees never stood up against apartheid in 1960? They were treated as traitors to the Afrikaner race (hounded and discriminated against by the Afrikaner), just so that he could have the privileges he has now. Without these dominees starting a movement in the white heart, our new South Africa may have taken longer than 1994 to get on its feet.
  3. Aren’t you a honorary pastor? By your own argument, it then must be dangerous for us for you to be involved in politics, wouldn’t you say?

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