August 27, 2014

Only amateurs think it’s all about the close

Sales closing is a nudge

Whenever I pitch sales training to a prospect.

The question is normally the same.

“Will your sales training course teach my sales people how to close?”

In my opinion, selling a solution is no longer about closing techniques (if they ever were).

If you’ve been in the game for a while, you’re smart enough to know that selling is about building a relationship and adding value to your prospect.

A sales call is really a research call where you figure out what your  prospect’s pain point and problem is and then seeing if your company can provide a solution.

But, since we’re on the topic of sales techniques – it would be far better for a sales person to hone his/her opening techniques rather than his/her closing techniques.

Different people have different opinions on the timing – but most research indicates that the die is cast in the first minute.

If the sales person hasn’t hooked the person in 60 seconds or less, the likelihood of closing a sale diminishes dramatically.

A sales person’s prime directive at the start is to get the prospect to like him or her. If the prospect feels safe and there’s a high level of trust and liking, then the rest of the sales call will go a lot smoother.

But, let’s get back to closing techniques.

A close is not a ‘big reveal’.  Jeffery Gitomer of Sales Bible fame said that a close should be more of a nudge.

And, of course, he is right.

If the prospect is engaging with the sales person and there is clarity about the challenges that the prospect faces and the solutions the sales person’s company can give, then there is no need for cheesy closes at all.

It is really just a nudge.

So, if you are a sales person, work on your opening, perfect your ‘elevator pitch’ and go into every sales call with a real desire to add value to your prospect and you should close more sales more consistently.

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