July 5, 2010

“Never title your proposal ‘proposal’.”

If all the books in your favourite bookshop had white covers with the title 'Book', how would you know which one to pick up?   

It's the same with your proposals. You want your customer to consider your proposal first because he will read it more thoroughly and will compare all other proposals to it. The way to entice him to pick it up is to choose a strong title.

"Proposal" doesn't say anything clients can't figure out themselves. Instead write a title that states a benefit to the client. For example, "Increase Network Reliability" or "Cut Legal Costs". Your subtitle can emphasize how your offering is unique. For example, "Unbeatable Service Levels" or "Faster Turnaround". If you also co-brand the cover of your proposal with your customer’s logo and mention the decision-maker’s name, then you’re well on your way to being the first proposal he will pick up.

Information from nFold and Tom Sant to help you with your marketing and sales effectiveness.

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