Neuroscience of Success

Neuroscience of Success - Jacques de VilliersHave you tried goal setting before and it hasn’t worked for you? Does your life feel like it is a never-ending spiral of meaninglessness going to nothing? Have most of the plans you have made for your life come to nothing? Then, consider the Neuroscience of Success workshop.

If you are off-track and off-kilter and actually want to lead a life of purpose and destiny, then attending a Neuroscience of Success workshop might just be what the doctor ordered.

We’ve studied existing neuroscience (brain science) research and metaphysical concepts to help you understand why you succeed in some areas in your life and totally fail in others.

Once you grasp (and apply) the concepts that you’ll learn on the Neuroscience of Success workshop, you should be able to achieve almost anything you set your mind to.

This is not your average goal-setting workshop where you’ll be taught concepts such as SMART goals, affirmations and visualisation. It digs deeper and gives you the science behind solid goal-setting principles so that you understand every step of the way why you are succeeding or failing. And, of course, what to do about it.

Neuroscience of Success Workshop

On the workshop you’ll learn the following:

  • What is neuroscience and how it can work to help you succeed in your life
  • Understand metaphysics and harness the amazing power of the universe
  • How to live a life of meaning and purpose
  • How to set realistic goals and achieve them
  • How to (really) use affirmations
  • How to visualise positive outcome effectively
  • How to become happier in your life
  • How the brain works and how to fully optimise it creative power
  • How to build a bullet-proof self-esteem
  • How to stay motivated through tough times
  • How to get along with other people so that you can achieve what you want
  • How to consistently stay energised and enthusiastic

Who Should Attend

Anybody who thinks his or her life is off track and would is totally committed to getting back onto the path of success, purpose, meaning and happiness.