Neuroscience of Selling

Sales Training: Neuroscience of selling, Jacques de VilliersHave you noticed that your sales have been slipping lately? You can’t really put your finger on it, you’re seeing the same amount of prospects, but your figures definitely indicate deal slippage.

You may need something that goes deeper than typical sales training to help your sales from slipping even further.

It may be that you’ve hit a bump in the road because your ability to sell to prospects how they want to be sold to has waned a bit.

It is easy to fix. If you really want to improve your sales, you should consider looking seriously at a Neuroscience of Selling intervention. This goes way beyond your typical sales training intervention.

The Neuroscience of Selling workshops are designed to help sales people become better at persuasion and influence by understanding how your prospect’s brain works. Once you get and apply the concepts, your sales will ramp up. There’s no doubt of that.

You’ll be exposed to concepts from some of the greatest neuroscience and influence minds around today. Including, David Rock and Robert Cialdini amongst others.

Neuroscience of Selling

Here’s some of the concepts you’ll learn on the workshop:

  • Understand the concept of neuroscience
  • Figure out how the brain works
  • Learn why and how people buy
  • Discover what stops people in their tracks and loses you deals
  • Find out how to get people to like you instantly
  • Learn how to sell at a visceral, emotional level
  • Don’t give the game away – save some mystery (a powerful sales tool)
  • Get your prospects to agree with you
  • Learn how to sell more to the prospect before you leave the sales meeting
  • Find out the 3 ways to increase your business
  • Position yourself as the go-to expert in your field
  • And, lots more

Who Should Attend?

Any sales person that wants to add some extra oomph to his or her sales toolbox. Once you learn how brain science works and how you can apply it, you will never look at the sales profession the same way again.