October 18, 2022

Nadia Gaspari LinkedIn Bio Commission

Nadia Gaspari, managing director Kantar LinkedIn profile writing

The enchanting Nadia Gaspari, managing director of Kantar Profiles commissioned me to craft her LinkedIn bio. Here’s the result.

I help companies find and action consumer data quickly so that they can get a bigger market share, retain and grow their existing consumer base. Market Research. Insights. Data. Insights.


If your organisation is trying to figure out how to grow your business, then you should seriously consider speaking to me.

I’m Nadia Gaspari, managing director of Kantar Profiles (Middle East/Africa), the world’s largest
single-source of permission-based sample supply. We have access to 120m panellists in 70+ markets

I was introduced to the world of data, insights and market research in 1997. I was hooked from the get go. 25 years on and I’m still as curious, fascinated and passionate by data and how people think, feel and act.

As a bonus, at Kantar I get to lead a team just as passionate about data as I am and get to work with amazing clients who are, like me, infinitely curious and understand the value of accurate insights.

What do I bring to the party?

I pioneered the first mobile research study in 2009, I have in-depth knowledge of tech-enabled solutions so that my clients can reach their desired target audience. My team and my clients know me as an out-the-box thinker, a strategist, a problem solver, proactive and solutions-driven.

About Kantar Profiles

Kantar Profiles is a good fit for organisations who need consumer data and insights so that they can stay competitive, build market share and retain customers. We work well with brand managers, insights managers, marketing managers, research account directors and managing directors. There are disparate industries that find our offering useful, including:

Management consultancies
Marketing consultancies
Fast food operations
Online shopping
Financial institutions

Through our extensive profiling efforts and data connections, we have more information about the people you want to reach. And in a world where the value of first-party data is rising as the reliance of third-party cookies diminishes, we deliver data from online research panels and sources our clients can act with, quickly.

Our unique and unrivalled API-driven ecosystem of 120m+ compliant panellists spans 70+ global markets from all walks of life. You can access this repository of knowledge quickly (hours/days) with ease for precise targeting and enhanced insights through our exceptional solution: Research Plus powered by Accelerated Answers.

When I’m not up to my eyeballs in data and leading my team, you’ll find me cooking, scuba diving, spending time with my family and reading.

If you’d like to set up a discovery call, please reach out to me on 082 854 3494 or

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