What If Hollywood Doesn't Call? keynote by motivational speaker Jacques de Villiers

What If Hollywood Doesn’t Call?

Purpose of this keynote


To help employees rediscover the joy of work so that they can turn a ‘dead end’ job to a ‘delightful’ one. The reflections from the keynote will help employees become more engaged, proud and purposeful in your enterprise.


Reflection points


  • There is no such thing as a ‘dead end’ job it is only the way you think about it that makes it so
  • How to give attention to the work at hand so that you’re in a constant state of flow and enchantment
  • You’re already in your dream (Hollywood) job … you just don’t know it yet
  • The obstacle is the path … how to use tough challenges at work to build character, resilience and mental acuity
  • Discover how to set your teammates up for success
  • Come to work for something bigger than a paycheque
  • Discover how to be truly happy by doing work that is meaningful

What if Hollywood Doesn’t Call