Warrior Code Keynote by motivational speaker Jacques de Villiers

The Warrior Code

Purpose of this keynote


As humans we have two ways of dealing with this world … as warriors or as average men/women. This keynote seeks to help build the mental toughness that is needed in times of uncertainty and adversity. The warrior path is not easy but it is the only worthwhile one because the knowledge and experience gained makes for an excellent human being in all endeavours.

This keynote is ideal for individuals/teams that compete to the detriment of other employees and the organisation they serve. It serves to remind them that they are here to pay attention to others and set them up for success. Because if we set each other up for success we all win.


Reflection points


  • The warrior’s real battle is the inner one. And, until you conquer the inside battle, you’ll never fully conquer the outside battles
  • The warrior is 100% responsible for the outcomes in his/her life
  • A true warrior is on a path to knowledge
  • A warrior puts the other before himself
  • A warrior understands that the obstacle is the path and that struggle builds resilience, tenacity and mental acuity
  • A warrior lives by acting, not thinking about acting

Alexander the Great and the Mystic