February 4, 2013

Motivational Speakers Edge Of The Rain

Motivational Speakers Secrets to Success in the Corporate WorldA while back (I think it was in 2011) a joint venture by 10 motivational speakers led to the paperback, Secrets to Success in the Corporate World. You can see my chapter, Edge of the Rain on the Scribd document that has been embedded into this post.

Besides me (Jacques de Villiers in case you missed that), the motivational speakers who contributed to the book, Secrets to Success in the Corporate World: Dr Wolfgang Riebe, Wilhelm Lombard, Annie Coetzee, Claire Newton, Eddie Botes, Ian Rheeder, Jürgen Tietz, Richard Mulvey and Sharon King.

Edge of the Rain Excerpt

If this resonates with you, then check out the embedded Scribd document below. There are 3008 words so you might want to get a cup of coffee first.

I spent many a Christmas holiday on my grandfather’s farm in Loeriesfontein, 100 kilometres from Calvinia, in the Northern Cape, South Africa. The farm was typical of most farms in the hot and dusty rain-deprived Karoo. It was unrelenting, unyielding and fit onlyfor sheep, ostriches and the toughest human. Not much grew on it except quinces, the hardiest of weeds and the toughest of shrubs. When I looked at my grandfather, the craggy lines spidering across his face told the story of hardship and suffering. And, sometimes in an unguarded moment, he would drop his pose and let me look into his piercing blue eyes and into his soul. Even at a young age I could fathom the undercurrents that that ripped through his soul – regret, hopes dashed, dreams down scaled and sorrow for potential unfulfilled. I remember sitting on the verandah with my grandfather at the end of day …

Note to self: Good grief I just realised that my writing is as depressing as JM Coetzee’s. Lighten up.

Edge of the Rain by Jacques de Villiers

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