October 29, 2007

Most South African Business Websites Are Missing the Mark

Press Release distributed to IT Web on 28 October 2007

Too many websites fail because they’re designed by the IT Department and not by the Marketing Department. This is the opinion of persuasion architect, Jacques de Villiers of MindTrust Marketing.

To this end, he has added GoogleJuice, an Internet marketing workshop to MindTrust Marketing’s persuasion training series.

GoogleJuice is a rough guide to marketing on the Internet. It’s not aimed at code junkies but at the marketers who are responsible for generating leads and sales from their organisations’ websites. “Once you’ve been through the workshop, you’ll never look at your website the same way again. Now, even a CEO can take one look at her website and know whether it is working or not,” says Jacques de Villiers

The workshop which is being run nationally, is geared towards:

– Writing web copy that attracts the attention of search engines like Google.
– Getting websites good search engine rankings (top 30) so that more qualified visitors will eyeball the site.
– Writing persuasive, compelling sales copy to get a visitor to take positive action regarding your product or service.
– Explaining how to optimise a website properly for search engines
– Explaining how to use Web 2.0 to generate business – this includes blogging, social networking sites like YouTube, MyGenius, LinkedIn and the like.

Two public workshops have already been conducted in Johannesburg. Together, they attracted 50 delegates. Based on the positive feedback this has received, it is now being run nationally.

The workshop has been presented at the National Speakers Association of South Africa’s recent National Conference in Johannesburg.

“Jacques demystified marketing on the Internet for me. I know that if I just use a fraction of the information he gave me, I’ll increase the visitor rate to my website and ultimately increase my sales,” Annie Greeff, President, National Speakers Association of South Africa.

Jacques de Villiers has based the workshop on his own experiences with the Internet since 1998. His strategies have ensured that his two websites get top search engine rankings and generate sales for him on a consistent basis – and He has taken this hard-won knowledge and translated it into a simple step-by-step approach to ensure that your website gets found by qualified visitors and then sells them something.

GoogleJuice can be found on this link

MindTrust Marketing has a number of workshops in its persuasion arsenal:
– How to Persuade Anybody to do Almost Anything
– The Architecture or Selling
– Solution Selling for the 21st Century professional
– Various business writing worksops

MindTrust Marketing offers copywriting, Internet marketing, marketing and public relations services to business.

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