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Join Callie Roos and Etsko Schuitema on 15 July and discover how to find meaning in the work you do so that you can go from survival to significance. Together, they’ll explore how intent, human excellence and purpose will help you do work that makes you proud.

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Find Meaning In The Work You Do Breakfast

Join Callie Roos and Etsko Schuitema for breakfast on 15 July at Hacklebrooke Conference Centre, Craighall Park, Gauteng.

They’re two of the brightest voices helping people find meaning in their lives. Their work is making a significant impact on the planet.

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Callie Roos

Meaning Through Purpose – A simple science

If purpose in my personal life is a simple science, then why is it so difficult to create the same experiences in the space of work. Callie will help you align your personal challenges in finding more purpose with the intricacies of a great business.

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About Callie

Noted as a truly inspirational speaker whose deep insight into personal and business issues provokes strength and motivation to overcome personal and inter-personal hurdles, his ongoing success elevates him to the status of spiritual guide in the eyes of many people from job seekers to business leaders alike.

Having courageously left an eminent career in the South African military as a Special Forces soldier and Senior Military Staff Officer to assume his responsibility in the process of re-building the South African nation in both mind and spirit, Callie integrated and mastered the art of soldiering with his love and passion for nature.

And this is where his passion to advance organisations and individuals begins with the ‘OnTrack Advance’ intervention in unfenced, Big Five country as an unrivalled experience! Hundreds of senior business teams can already affirm that learning the ancient art of tracking and exploring the fundamental principles of an open system are intensely thrilling and promotes a deep revival of the spirit as they are expertly guided through a close encounter with their own most primitive roots!

Callie has become known for his authentic approach and deemed as a rescuer on life and business strategies.

Find out more about Callie on his website.

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Callie is a visionary. His approach to his work is filled with passion and the insights from that sends electrical waves through those in attendance’s minds and soul. He is far ahead of time.

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Each guest will receive a copy of Callie and Etsko’s books valued at R280 for free.

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Etsko Schuitema

Intent and Human Excellence

Etsko will explore the relationship between the intent to give and personal, team and leadership excellence. He’ll describe a framework that helps to define the connection between self mastery and leadership in a way which is both practical and empowering.

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About Etsko

Etsko, whose family was in mining, was exposed to the inner workings of the mining industry at a young age. At the University of the Witwatersrand he completed an honours degree in Social Anthropology before joining the Chamber of Mines of South Africa Research Organisation as a graduate researcher.

His work at the Chamber was initially focused on the issue of conflict in gold mines in the final eclipse of the apartheid regime. His groundbreaking work, dealing with conflict resolution, led to the development of a framework for understanding trust in this controversial industry.

As the Head of the Chamber’s Human Resources Laboratory Industry Project in the late 1980’s he went on to examine the fundamental criteria which exist in the relationship between employer and employee. The outcome was a unique perspective on leadership which subsequently has become known as the Care and Growth Leadership Model.

The application of the model in South Africa’s gold mines met with significant success, which led Etsko and a small group of colleagues to leave the Chamber of Mines with the objective of disseminating the model more widely.

In 1989 he founded Schuitema of which he is the Managing member. Since then the Care and Growth Model has been tested in disparate contexts, in 26 countries and on 5 continents.

In every context the basic premises of the model have been vindicated. Namely, that there is a fundamental connection between the problem of organisational excellence and personal excellence and that the nature of that connection is ethical and/or moral.

Find out more about Etsko on his website.

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Etsko is the philosopher for the 21st Century.

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Date: 15 July 2015
Time: 08h00 – 11h30
Venue: Hackle Brooke Conference Centre, 110 Conrad Drive, Craighall Park, Johannesburg
Fee: R797 (excluding VAT) per guest
Free Gift: The Wanderer by Callie Roos and Intent: Exploring the Core of Being Human by Etsko Schuitema valued at R280

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