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Go from the friend zone to the end zone

Linkedin is like dating. If you haven't made a move on your first connection in 30 days you end up in the friend zone.

The training, From Connection To Contact in 30 Days takes a more proactive approach to generating leads and turning them into sales. 

I asked Jacques de Villiers to help me with my LinkedIn profile which resulted in many connections and new business.

Claire Waldeck - Attorney


I help sales people close more deals more consistently by showing them how to leverage LinkedIn.

I teach them how to go from a connection to a phone call in 30 days so that they can pitch their offering.



LinkedIn: From Contact To Phone Call in 30 Days

Write a great summary and about section to keep prospects engaged in what you are about.

Craft a compelling profile
Build Relationships

The prospect will be touched by you 5 times in 30 days so that you build goodwill and connection.

Build trust

Because the information you send is helpful to the prospects, you build trust and rapport.

Get permission from you prospects to put them on your email database to receive information from you.

Email connections
Spark Interest

Prospects will learn how you can solve their problems so you build credibility.

Make a phone call

The entire journey leads to you getting to a phone call with the client in 30 days.



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He has led nine sales teams in the past 20 years as an outsourced sales leader.He has presented keynotes 1567 times both locally and overseas on marketing and sales. He has presented in Milan, Teheran, Sydney and Port Louis, amongst others.

He has helped 42 clients with their LinkedIn profiles and lead generation and sales conversion strategy.

You can find out more about Jacques here.

About your LinkedIn Guide

Dawn Klatzko, Branding Specialist


Jacques's superb writing ability and human insight are particularly evident in his LinkedIn profile offering. He is my go-to resource for my coaching clients when we need to raise the bar on their profiles as part of their personal brand development and promotion. A pleasure to work with and has great energy.

Don't wait, get your sales team to leverage LinkedIn so that they can close more deals more consistently.

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