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Kirsten Garbini

My name is Kirsten Garbini, founder and director of DINEO Pact. I came across Jacques de Villiers's LinkedIn profile a couple of months ago after the world was locked down due to Covid-19. I was immediately enchanted by its eccentricity, eloquence and its aliveness spoke to me. As a consequence, I engaged with Jacques to help me with my LinkedIn branding.

As we journeyed together I found out that he has an encyclopaedic knowledge of marketing, branding and sales. I thought this could be useful to you, as colleagues and friends of Brenda, Megan, Nasima and our clients.

Jacques has agreed to hold a workshop at my home from home (which belongs to Jenna Clifford) La Rose Cottage at Lake Longmere, White River on 26 September 2020.

I would love for you to join us in person. In accordance with Covid regulations, we can comfortably welcome first come first served guests on the beautiful deck. Of course, I'm mindful that you may not be able to make it if you are in other parts of the world. To that end, we'll also be live streaming the workshop so that you can access it in real time.

Let me hand you over to Jacques who'll explore why it might be a good idea for you to learn how to write a compelling profile on LinkedIn. Over to you Jacques ...

“Jacques might make you reach deep inside, if you like me do deep work that matters, you might even cry.
But ultimately walk away with a deep bio, or writing that can attract your ideal clients.” Yoke van Dam, corporate trainer and team advisor

Thank you Kirsten! You're most generous to host this workshop and give me a chance to help your friends figure out how they can become more successful at showcasing their offerings on LinkedIn, so that they can make more sales more consistently.

I'm at the top end when it comes to crafting LinkedIn profiles - R5 500. Kirsten thought that this is eye wateringly expensive for most entrepreneurs. We put out heads together and thought, why not get folks to craft their profiles themselves? We came up with the workshop to make this work more accessible to everyone.

I've jotted down some thoughts below so that you can see if this workshop is the right fit for you right now ....


Easily improve your LinkedIn profile

Get all your marketing working together

Step by step checklist to write a winning profile

Get better sales results from LinkedIn

If you're active on LinkedIn, or thinking of getting active on LinkedIn so that you can get more business, give yourself a pat on the back because it's a clever move ... there are more than 600-million people using LinkedIn; some 7-million of those are South Africans, just like you and me.

Not all of them are your market of course. And, you don't have to appeal to even a fraction of a fraction of them for you to get more sales from LinkedIn.

Ask yourself this question. What if you could get an extra 10, 20 or even 50 clients from LinkedIn a year? How could your business and your life be different if that were to happen?

My job is to do just that ... see how I can make your life different (and better) ... by teaching you how to write a 250 - 400-word LinkedIn profile that encourages your ideal customer to buy from you (and not your competitors).

Do you want better results from LinkedIn?

Date: 22October 2020 (Thursday)
Venue: La Rose Cottage, Lake Longmere, White River
Time: 09h00 – 14h00

(Standard Covid-19 Protocols will apply, thus seats are limited)

The workshop will be live streamed for those who want to attend online

LinkedIn Profiles That Get Results Workshop

I'm going to teach you how to get sales results from LinkedIn ... it's quite simple, really!

The chances are that once you learn how to write a compelling, interesting and results-getting profile, you'll come out of this story with more sales and be a bit of a hero in the process too.

Here's what you'll learn:

In my experience, and because of the consistent business I've been blessed with from LinkedIn, I believe that your profile is the most important part of your entire LinkedIn sales strategy.

The problem with most LinkedIn profiles is that they're trying to bore customers into buying. That's never going to work.

If your LinkedIn profile hasn't brought you the sales results you'd hoped for up until now, it's probably not your fault. Most of us have been taught to write a profile that looks like a CV by people who should know better. If you're looking for a job, that'll possibly work, but if you're an entrepreneur and have your own business and trying to make more sales, it's probably not going to pan out too well for you.

It's Not Your Fault

  • How to write a compelling and interesting profile that'll help you turn visitors into prospects and prospects into customers.
  • How to identify your ideal customer ... you're not for everyone and everyone's not for you.
  • How to get clear on the value you and your business actually bring to the world.
  • How to tell your unique story so that you connect with your visitors and future customers.
  • How to write your golden thread message that you can use in all your marketing in future and not just in your LinkedIn profile. This way you can multiply your message and sell to other potential customers that are not on LinkedIn.
  • And much, much more.

You probably don't know this about me (why would you?).

From 1989 (after graduating with a National Diploma in Public Relations) at the age of 26, I cut my teeth as a copywriter in the mining, engineering, construction, communication and advertising fields.

It was after studying Michael Masterson's (I've just found out that his real name is Mark Ford) Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting that I was hooked to direct sales copywriting and I switched lanes to pursue this. I went on to study all the greats in the field, David Ogilvy, Gene Schwartz, Claude Hopkins, Joseph Sugarman, Drayton Bird, Joe Vitale and many more.

Why am I telling you this? Simple. I've spent 100s of hours studying and putting their ideas into practice. I have a vault (that's overselling it a bit ... it's now called a Dropbox folder) of all my learnings and insights distilled into a knowledge bank. This is easily valued at $10 000.00 (what's that in Rands now ... around R176 000.00). If you were just to buy the Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting today, it would set you back $497 (R8 785.62).

Does this stuff work? I reckon so ... over the last 22 years that I've been in business the learnings and my ability to turn them into actionable results, helped my clients sell more than R30-million in products and services. I got to speak and train more than 1500 times on sales and marketing, locally and internationally (Milan, Teheran and Sydney). And, I enrolled more than 5000 students onto my signature seminar, How to Persuade Anybody To Do Almost Anything.

You may be thinking, "I only want to learn how to get my LinkedIn profile to start making me some money, not learn how to be a marketer and a sales person."

To be frank, if you're an entrepreneur and a business owner you're in marketing and sales. If you don't get good at it, you may as well pack up shop and go and work for somebody else. I don't know about you, I'm 57 and can't work for someone else. I don't think they'll have me and I don't think I'll fit in very well. That's why I have to be good at this marketing stuff. This is where my marketing content will be invaluable to you. You only have to use a fraction of the information to get real sales traction.

Why work with me?

Well, I'm not going to charge you nearly anywhere in the region of R176 000.00 for you to attend the LinkedIn Profiles That Get Results Workshop and to get access to my vault of hard-earned marketing gold.

You can sign up on the workshop for just R1 500. You'll get 3 hours of solid, field-tested content, a workbook with a step-by- blueprint for you to write your 250 - 400 word profile (and, your golden thread messaging I spoke about earlier) and access to my vault with a gold mine of marketing information.

If the workshop and writing your own LinkedIn profile sounds too much like hard work to you, you're welcome to hire me to write yours for R5 500. I'd be an ass to say no to that.

I may be biased, but I think that R1 500 is a good deal, don't you?

What's my investment?

Don't just take my word for it, here's what others think

  • "Jacques knows his stuff when it comes to putting together and executing sales and marketing plans. He understands and accommodates the budgetary and resource constraints many companies face, and delivers solutions that are both effective as well as cost-effective. Give Jacques a go, you will be surprised!" Niel Malan, CEO, Elite Entrepreneur

  • "Jacques is the most intelligent and fun presenter. His drive to keep learning makes his teaching very relevant. Jacques is always current and the manner in which he imparts knowledge is unique. His style is both entertaining and deep."
    Adele Biani, CEO, FrontFoot Consulting

  • "Jacques is one of the foremost sales and technology trainers. His knowledge is practical and current. I would recommend him to any organisation wanting to move to the next level in productivity."
    Frank Furness (USA), international sales trainer, speaker and author of Walking With Tigers

  • Meeting Jacques was one of the highlights of my trip to Iran. Apart from being an expert speaker, trainer and consultant, Jacques is a really nice guy. Popular with the Iranian audience he presented for, Jacques provided highly valuable information relating to sales, content marketing and copywriting. Michael Leander (Denmark), global direct marketing speaker and trainer

  • “This is definitely the best article I’ve read since lockdown. Since ever!” Jeanette de Klerk Smit

  • “My hell Jacques … I liken your mind to that of the great early atomic physicist, Frijof Capra, who wrote the original Turning Point and Uncommon Wisdom.” Steve Johnson, Scientist

  • “Jacques innate curiosity in human beings, in their stories, in what makes people tick, makes him so much more than my favourite bio writer. His curiosity draws people out of themselves in a way that feels safe, in a way that helps them learn more about themselves in the process, in a way that shines a light on things that were always there but would not have been surfaced without his crystal clear questions.” Briony Liber, coach and LinkedIn expert

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I guess I've said about all I can.

If you're still not sure, all I can do is trot out my favourite testimonial by copywriting legend, Tiffany Markman (Freelance Copywriter of the Year 2020: South Africa - UK-based Corporate Livewire Prestige Awards)

"There are very few business people out there with as sharp a grasp of human nature, what motivates people to buy, what compels people and how people think, as Jacques de Villiers."

The guarantee is exactly as stated. If you didn't find the workshop useful to you, tell me and you’ll get a full refund. No fuss. No questions. Just a refund. And, you get to keep all the notes. Could anything be more fair?

Hosted by Kirsten Garbini, founder and director of DINEO Pact

22 October 2020, La Rose Cottage, White River, 09h00 - 14h00.

The workshop will be live streamed so that you can watch it anywhere in the world

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