April 4, 2024

LinkedIn Profile Writing Commission for mBit master coach, Claudina Hafenscher

Professional speaker and writer in South Africa, Jacques de Villiers crafted a LinkedIn profile for mBit coach, Claudina Hafenscher.

As an mBit master coach, Claudina can help anyone, for the purposes of LinkedIn we decided to niche down to sales teams. As a temperaments coach using the 2,400-year-old model created by Hippocrates, Claudina is well-positioned to help sales people communicate effectively so that they can close more deals more consistently. We wrote her LinkedIn profile to reflect this.


I help sales teams close more deals more consistently. Hippocratic Temperaments Coach. mBit Master Coach. Workshop facilitator. Professional keynote speaker.


Persuading and influencing people to your way of thinking so that you can make the sale is a nuanced and tricky affair. Essentially, it boils down to communication.

Some sales people use communication like a blunt instrument, trying to bludgeon their prospects into submission so that they’ll buy. That approach is clumsy and unsatisfactory, rarely leading to the desired outcome.

Others use communication with surgical precision so that a sale takes place and everyone wins. The model I use does exactly that.

I help salespeople by using the 2,400-year-old Hippocratic temperaments model that categorises people into four areas: choleric (red), melancholic (blue), sanguine (yellow), and phlegmatic (green).

This model helps salespeople understand themselves and their clients better and adapt their approach to each client’s personality and preferences. By recognising and adapting to these different temperaments, salespeople can build stronger relationships and improve their sales effectiveness.

It’s also a great way for sales leaders to build harmonious team relationships and help everyone achieve personal and organisational objectives.

I have 25 years of experience as an educational kinesiologist, helping people discover and develop their hidden potential.

To that end, I’ve facilitated sessions for 10 000+ delegates in 15 corporations and coached 5000+ individuals.

I am a certified coach and mentor at COMENSA. To add even more heft and depth to my temperament coaching, I’ve qualified as a mBit coach.

This coaching method combines neuroscience, positive psychology, NLP, ancient wisdom, and behavioural modelling to help align a person’s different brains (head, heart, and gut) for smarter decision-making.

Whether you want me to train, coach, or speak for your organisation, rest assured that you and your sales team will become better communicators.

And, as a consequence, your team will close more deals more consistently.

Want a sneak peek into how I can boost your sales game?

I’m offering a complimentary temperament assessment that unlocks the secrets to better communication with your clients.

Intrigued by the possibility of closing more deals?

Let’s chat! Email me at to schedule a free consultation.

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