September 6, 2021

LinkedIn Profile Writing Commission for Klasie Wessels

Klasie Wessels LinkedIn Profile Writing

I’m a transition coach helping top-of-their-game executives find their groove pre- and post-retirement. Find Klasie’s LinkedIn profile here.


I help high-powered executives who have reached the pinnacle of their power transition to the second half of their lives with grace, so that they can find meaning and renew their purpose.

I’m Klasie Wessels, former chairman of FCB Advertising Agency, Johannesburg, turned transition coach.

If you’ve reached the crossroads between transitioning out of your high-powered career to the next phase of your life, I can guide you a little way so that you find what you are looking for.

I would imagine that, like most of us over 50, you’d be looking for fulfilment. And, if your biggest question isn’t, “Am I still going to be useful?”, you’re probably in denial.

The entire second half of my life has been dedicated to answering those two questions for the people under my counsel and protection:

How can I still be useful after 50?
How can I feel fulfilled?

I have guided more than 500 people on 34 spiritual and mindfulness journeys to India and Nepal since retiring from advertising in 2010 to start my coaching practice.

I’ve ruminated with yogis in India, meditated with monks in Tibet and tapped into the tortured and brilliant mind of Holocaust survivor, Viktor Frankl, through his seminal work, Logotherapy.

Why would this be helpful to you … you who are at a crossroads?

I understand what it’s like to be at the pinnacle of success in the corporate world. It is a heady, ego-affirming experience. It’s a rush, and it’s hard to leave. Believe me, I know it’s hard. When I left FCB it was as if I left my soul behind.

Through my 21-year journey with mystics, monks, and yogis, and my extensive experience in Logotherapy, I learnt how to regain my equilibrium, find fulfilment and meaning on this side of the corporate world.

This experience may be useful to you.

I can help you turn a crossroads into a crossover point so that you experience something quite wonderful; the second half.

I can help you gain the understanding, clarity and vision to make the second half of your journey even more fulfilling than the first.

Don’t be scared of the second half of your life. I’ve got you. We’ve got this, you and I.

The next phase of your life can be a masterpiece of magnificence, fulfilment and meaning if you want it to be.

I get you, I really do. I’ve got you, I promise.

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October 3, 2021 at 8:13 am

Really good. Perhaps there are just a few too many I’s


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