January 28, 2022

LinkedIn Profile Writing by Jacques de Villier. Rainmaker. Author. Speaker.

LinkedIn profile writer, Jacques de Villiers

I fix boring LinkedIn profiles so that you can attract the right clients to your cause.

If you’re serious about using LinkedIn to generate sales, then you need to be obsessed about crafting a profile that registers and resonates with your ideal client.

I’m Jacques de Villiers, rainmaker, author and speaker.I shift people who shift the world … people like you.

My contribution to you is a LinkedIn profile that helps you reach the right people (your tribe), and open conversations with them.

  • Imagine what that could mean for you?
  • Imagine what it could mean for them to have you in their corner with a safe pair of hands guiding them?
  • Imagine what they could do with your help?
  • Imagine if they can shift the world because of you … how’d that feel?

Pretty darn good, I’d say.Let me help you clarify your contribution so that you can attract clients that you want to work with, and who respect you and your art … and, are prepared to pay you fair value for it.

Your banner, your summary and your about section are the three most vital parts of your profile as they are what your ideal client looks at first.

You’ve got one shot to pull it off, so you need to make those three elements count.

Your profile has to be pitch perfect, resonant and nuanced specifically for your ideal client.

That’s where I may be helpful to you because I know how to craft beautiful profiles that are delightful to read, works of art, and get real results too.It’s not going to be hard for you to get into the game and find the clients you deserve.

Once you’ve clarified your contribution, and found (real) belief in what you offer your clients and the world, then things will shift massively for you. Your clients are waiting for you. The world is waiting for you.

Check out some of the LinkedIn profiles I have crafted here.

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