March 28, 2024

LinkedIn Profile: Shelly Berger of Figured Out

Sales motivational speaker and LinkedIn Profile Writer, Jacques de Villiers crafts a LinkedIn profile for Shelly Berger of accounting practice, Figured Out.

Shelly holds the accountant/bookkeeper seat within our BNI Chapter, located in Fourways. Her company is called Figured Out, which is a brilliant name for what she does. We wanted to create a LinkedIn profile that wouldn’t look like a boring balance sheet.

Helping you figure out your finances. Accountability partner for growth. Accountant. Bookkeeper. Business builder.


If you couldn’t be bothered with bank statements, or you’re a newly minted business, or you know how to read a bank statement, but don’t have the time for it, then you should seriously consider talking to me.

My name is Shelly, a pharmacist turned accountant.

I was drawn to numbers as a young child when I helped my father cost his goods and work out his profit and loss at the tuck shop he ran. This early exposure to my father’s business ignited my passion for entrepreneurship and the numbers that drive it. I’ve had an enduring love affair with the world of entrepreneurship ever since.

I tried my hand as a pharmacist. Prescribing pills just didn’t cut it for me; the allure of helping entrepreneurs was just too strong for me. And, because I love numbers, becoming an accountant was a natural progression for me.

For me, entrepreneurship is more than a profit and loss statement. It’s an energy that holds the hopes, fears, and passions of each entrepreneur trying to make a difference in the world.

My job is to support those entrepreneurs who shift the world to be the best they can be by making sure that their numbers work so that they can thrive.

I, of course, help them with more than just numbers. I help them with their mindset to ensure that their enterprises flourish. I help them figure out the best route to navigate a path to success.

I help them go from just surviving to thriving. I work primarily in the SME space. Clients that I work with include training companies, business coaches, sports coaches, copywriters, artists, and tradespeople. My client-base is eclectic – I have everything from a soccer coach to a ballet teacher, to a plumber and everyone in-between.

If you’re overwhelmed by the statutory financial obligations that come with running a business, and need real-time, relevant financial information at your fingertips, then inbox me to set up a discovery call.

As your accountability partner for growth, I’m sure we can figure something out.

Check out Shelly’s LinkedIn profile.

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