August 2, 2021

LinkedIn Profile For Michele Thwaits

Michele Thwaits VA, PA, personal assistant, virtual assistant

I thoroughly enjoyed crafting Michele’s LinkedIn profile.

As part of the process I managed to interview some of her clients so that I could get an idea of the words they use to describe her.

Clearly, she’s the real deal and a much respected VA who gets stuff done, judging by some of the comments made about her.

Michele is everything a VA should be and more. What has made a difference for me is the way she does things. Before she started with us, my agenda was a constant surprise. Missing an email here or there and clashes in appointments alone can be annoying for others but not least for me. When you can let go of the day-to-day administration (which she does amazingly well), you can focus on the core of why you have your business. For me, it was getting back to the people that work for us and to our clients—being able to give them my undivided attention. This has worked so well internally that every person we work with has complimented her and welcomed her. They now get to see more of me, and our working relationships have improved in leaps in bounds. This already started happening within the first two weeks of Michelle coming on board. I can also be a bit of a terrier at times. Michele always finds an approach that works for both of us. Her tenacity, curiosity and compassion, combine in a way that you know you can let go of whatever she has taken on. She will stick with it, figure it out, ask when she needs to and do it in a way that keeps everyone on board and engaged. Thank you, Michele, for making a real difference in our lives.

Eksteen de Waal, President at Professional Speakers Association of Netherlands

I have used Michele as a VA for several months now, and it has been the best decision I have made. Using Michele’s administrative strengths has freed me up to do what I am good at.

Mphiwa Nombembe
Chief Executive Officer at Centreview Investment Holdings

There’s more (23 recommendations). You can read them here if you are so inclined.

Here’s what we crafted for Michele.


I help overstretched, frazzled and overwhelmed executives take control back. Virtual Assistant | VA | Sounding board | Executive Assistant | Personal Assistant


Do you want to keep feeling out of control, weighed down and unmoored by the deluge of work flooding into your life?

Are you happy fielding requests, meeting with people and managing mundane tasks that distract you from achieving your goals?

Are you satisfied with feeling like you’re working yourself into the ground, treading through mud and getting nowhere slowly?

If you gave a hard NO to these questions, then perhaps it’s time to consider the services of a virtual assistant who is obsessive, detail-oriented and driven to set you up to succeed.

I‘m Michele

I have a proven track record of 37 years’ experience as a personal assistant and I’m reliable, consistent, efficient and fast (not my words, but my clients’).

~ I bring a safe pair of hands to your table – I have your back and fight in your corner.
~ I stop surprises from catching you off guard, throwing you off kilter and derailing your efforts.
~ I ensure that you keep your promises every time.

I’m known to my clients as a terrier because I stick with something until it has been worked out. My three key attributes that’ll make me a valuable resource and asset to you and your cause are:

~ I thrive on meeting and beating deadlines.
~ I eat complexity for breakfast and give you simplicity, ease and effectiveness.
~ I am thrilled when I’m turning chaos into control, disorder into order and inefficiency into efficiency.

What I Do

  • Diary management
  • Proofreading
  • Excel spreadsheet management
  • Transcriptions
  • Systems development and implementation
  • General administration

Value Added Services

  • Personal assistant training (If you have a current PA that needs some guidance, I’m ideally positioned to coach, mentor and train her/him)
  • Time management training
  • Administrative assistant training
  • Professional business writing and communication

Let me help you simplify the complex, turn disorder into order and chaos into control. Reach out to me on

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