September 16, 2021

LinkedIn Profile Commission for Steve Tetluk, CEO, The Smart Idea Group

LinkedIn profile Steve Tetluk, Smart Ideas Group


We help organisations grow smarter, efficient and cost effective by harnessing the power of technology so that they aren’t left behind.


Our smart technology helps the organisations and schools we serve become more agile, responsive and adaptive so that they can communicate better, become more productive, cut costs and become hyper-efficient.

I’m Steve Tetluk the CEO of The Smart Ideas Group. I’m proud to work with a team of more than 90 supersmart growth-minded, deep-thinking, technology-driven and passionate ideators whose mission it is to help our clients win every day.

If you’re currently in the space where you’re struggling and failing to make technology work for you so that you’re not being left behind your competitors, don’t stress.

We’ve got you.

We get that you may feel stressed out by trying to get technology to work effectively for you.

Most of our more than 2 500 clients felt similar to you; overwhelmed by the complexity of it all.
But they found that with a smart team backing them, that technology can really work for them and give them the winning edge.

We focus on 6 core pieces of technology so that our clients can communicate better, become more productive, cut costs and become hyper-efficient so that they can win the race and not be left behind.

  • Print, Voice, Video conferencing and boardroom solutions
  • Interactive education solutions
  • Education LMS – ClassroomApp
  • One Office integrated software suite for business

If you are ready to really embrace technology so that you can catapult your organisation to another level, then you should seriously consider talking to us. We’ll offer you a safe pair of hands to get you where you want to go.

Reach out to me on so that I can connect you to one of our ideators who will relish the challenge of helping you.

Look Jacques up if you want help with your LinkedIn profile.

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