December 15, 2021

LinkedIn profile commission for Jonathan Hughes, Key Account Manager

LinkedIn Profile Writing Commission Jonathan Hughes

LinkedIn Profile for Jonathan Hughes: Key Account Manager | BDM at WRC Technologies | SFC | Scrum Master I Product Owner | Assist businesses in acquiring new clients by expanding and maintaining their existing client base.

“Education never ends, Watson. It is a series of lessons, with the greatest for the last.” – Sherlock Holmes

++Recently awarded Scrum Master and Product Owner Certifications++

I help sales-focused organisations find more clients, upsell & cross-sell and retain & grow their existing client base.

My name is Jonathan Hughes, business development manager, key account manager and avid Sherlock Holmes reader.

When I read Arthur Conan Doyle’s, The Sign of Four, I became totally hooked on Sherlock Holmes. You may ask, “How’s Sherlock Holmes pertinent to my business and generating more sales?”

Well, being a good detective and being a good business development/key account manager has similar parallels. I have a verifiable track record of reaching and maintaining my sales targets.

I have many of the traits that make a good detective and business development manager:

  • I’m infinitely curious about how human behaviour works.
  • I know how to dig out clues to find opportunities to acquire and grow a business.
  • I have an analytical mind, I know how to get the right information, and act on it.
  • I’m empathetic and know how to read people.
  • I have well-tuned listening skills.
  • I’m observant, and in tune with the moods of others.
  • People generally like me because I am always a gentleman (not my words; clients have told me this), balanced, pragmatic, dedicated, dependable, conscientious and a team player.

These ‘detective’ traits have made me good at helping sales-focused organisations find clues that mitigate danger, exploit opportunities and build on strengths when it comes to business development.

To this end, I’ve completed a considerable amount of short courses to help me become the best business development manager / key account manager I can be. (Please see my LinkedIn media section for more information on the courses I have completed or my CV)

Negotiation, mindfulness, teamwork, customer experience, sales skills, Agile project management and scrum master training, you name it, I’ve done it. Because of my Agile Training and Scrum Master background, I am able to pull together diverse sales teams so that they can achieve their sales targets.

All these skills and more than 30 years of selling, make me a great asset to any business development team.

I’m currently generating business for WRC Technologies, a data protection IT concern. We provide data centre, cyber security and data management services to organisations with 200+ staff.

Reach out to me on 078 825 8979 or my LinkedIn profile, and let’s see how we can unlock the hidden sales potential in your organisation.

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