September 12, 2022

LinkedIn Profile Commission: Costa Carastavrakis

LinkedIn Profile: Costa Carastavrakis

I’m a humourist motivational speaker and company culture architect who, through my real world lived experience as a gay South African, Greek man faced prejudice in all forms. I , can help companies have the courageous conversations about the world of gender, diversity, equity and inclusivity. Check out my LinkedIn profile.

My signature keynote, I Am Costa, is packed with humour, sensitivity and deep insights into how companies can use kindness and tolerance as a substrate upon which they can grow their greatness, creativity, productivity and profitability.

It touches on my journey where from a young age I learned to hide who I really was. Denying and failing to accept myself and my unique place in society nearly killed me. I developed coping mechanisms that included substance abuse. I wrote about this in my critically acclaimed book, I Am Costa: From Meth To Marathons.

In a Nutshell

  • I educate in an engaging and entertaining way many diversity concepts that are normally difficult to navigate for companies
  • I challenge thinking around diversity and inclusivity and invite everyone to be open to
  • new ways to engage with each other
  • I make people feel comfortable to express their authenticity in the workplace
  • My humour and unique story creates a memorable moment for the collective audience. A moment that triggers new thinking and behaviour towards one another – to look for the humanity in each other
  • I help companies create a culture where everyone feels they belong
  • I help companies and employees be more tolerant and inclusive of all
  • I assist companies and employees clear blocks in their restrictive thinking around diversity to foster better relations, communication, safety for all and increased creativity and productivity

What some people have said about me

  • “An incredible story and a true testament to the strength we have.” – Roland Schoeman,
    SA Olympic Gold Medalist.
  • “I laughed, I cried.” – Kuli Roberts, TV Host and Producer
  • “Costa is a true inspiration.” Kate Roberts, SA Double Olympic Triathlete

When I am not speaking you’ll find me flipping burgers at either of my two RocoMamas franchises, or consulting on marketing strategy for my boutique list of clients. You may also come across my acting skills on Legacy or The River where my telenovela star is being polished.

If you’re looking for a humorous, insightful and dynamic speaker to speak on gender mainstreaming, diversity, equity, inclusion, resilience and our shared humanity, consider me for your next conference or event.

You can reach me on or check out my website.

This LinkedIn profile was crafted by Jacques de Villiers.

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