November 25, 2021

LinkedIn Profile Commission by Hanrie Fridjhon, Enneagram business coach

LinkedIn Profile for Hanrie Fridjhon by master copywriter, Jacques de Villiers

I help people, and the organisations they serve, to become more self-aware, develop grit and empower them with skills to thrive.

I’m a business coach (Enneagram, leadership and communication) and human potential trainer.

My name is Hanrie Fridjhon (here’s my profile on LinkedIn), empathetic, experienced and versatile (my clients’ words, not mine). My teachings resonate with, and have helped cleaners to CEO, and everyone in between.

The common thread is that:
• You must want to develop yourself.
• You want to be more self-aware and accountable.
• You have a burning desire to stretch yourself beyond your limiting beliefs.

I bring 25 years of coaching and training experience that has been honed and fine-tuned in 1000s of boardrooms and classrooms. My approach is to stay curious and open to new possibilities in an ever-changing world.

Some of the themes I cover:

• Communication skills
• Conflict resolution
• Dealing with diversity and inclusivity
• Critical thinking
• Conducting effective meetings
• Effective teamwork
• Negotiation and influence

Please have a look at our website for the full range of our offering.

I customise and design training and coaching to ensure that it is appropriate for you.

Let’s set up a “chemistry” call to see if we’re the right fit.

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