22 November 2023

9 AM - 12 PM

Namaskar Wellness Hub, 6 St James Cres, Bryanston

"LinkedIn is like dating. If you haven't made a move on your new connection within 30 days, you end up in the friend zone."

Jacques de Villiers

There's still space for 12 delegates

The Challenge >>>

This seminar is for sales professionals and business owners who use LinkedIn to generate leads and make sales.

Most of us try to get our 2nd connections to become 1st connections so that we can start a sales journey with them.

Our goal is (or should be) to get prospects (1st connections) to a place where there'll be phone call, a Zoom/Teams meeting or a face-to-face meeting. This is where we conduct a sales call which leads to a proposal and which leads to a sale.

The problem is that most of us don't know how to get the prospect to the phone or the meeting.

We engage for a while, and then the whole affair fizzles out, and then we just sit with wasted opportunities in our 1st connections. And, NO SALES!

  • How to get a 43% connection request acceptance rate instead of the normal paltry 10% acceptance rate.
  • How to get every prospect who becomes a 1st connection into an email database easily, ethically and legally (POPIA compliant).
  • How to write the three email messages that'll prime your prospects to take your call.
  • How to phone, and what to say to get the appointment.

Learn a 30-day process to get from first contact on LinkedIn to a phone call.

You'll Discover >>>


I've been helping sales teams and entrepreneurs hit their number for the last 23 years.

As an outsourced sales manager I've led nine sales teams.
As a sales optimisation speaker, I've delivered more than 1 500 discourses both locally and internationally; including Iran, Italy, Australia and Mauritius.

I've enrolled 3500+ sales professionals onto my How To Persuade Anybody To Do Almost Anything workshop.

As a sales copywriter I've crafted hundreds of telesales scripts, email sales letters, landing pages, pitches and lead magnets for my clients.

The strategies I'll share with you on the 3-hour seminar have been field tested and work. Not without blood, sweat and tears, I might add. Over the last three months I've put myself (and, some of my clients) through the wringer, tweaking, finessing and nuancing it into a process that works, and that I'm proud to share with you.

  • Clearly, a half-day session is not a Hail Mary pass that's going to solve all your lead generation and sales problems.
  • The half-day session is to give you a broad overview of how to work the process of turning a connection into a contact (via the phone).
  • It's going to take some effort from your side to make it work after the seminar.
  • But, I've made it easy for you to implement the process and set yourself up for success.
  • I've crafted a process blueprint that is simple for you to follow: Not only is the process mapped out in easy to follow steps, but I've also written all the sample connection requests, and email journey messages. You just need to tweak them so that they're applicable to your industry.
  • The Architecture of Selling. An A-Z workbook covering the entire sales process.
  • Stop Losing Sales. How To Overcome Objections.
  • Turn Cold Calls Into Gold Calls.

What You'll Get >>>

I've included some valuable bonuses for you >>>

Michelle Losco

CEO of Publishared Africa

I highly recommend Jacques for sales training - there is a lot out there, but I have always felt Jacques training is head and shoulders above the rest, especially for new sales execs. He changed my sales approach, and his tips and guidance helped me become far better in sales.

Jacques has a passion for writing and people - he is a force of nature when it comes to being a wordsmith - I have had the great pleasure of working with Jacques with my sales teams at Panasonic in the early 2000’s and in various businesses I have owned over the past two decades - I highly recommend Jacques as a real mensch.

CEO of The Smart Ideas Group

Steve Tetluk


23 November 2023

9 AM - 12 PM

Namaskar Wellness Hub, 6 St James Cres, Bryanston

R697 per delegate

If you'd like to run this session in-person and in-company, or need more information, pop Jacques de Villiers an email