Lessons from Loeriesfontein

Motivational Speaking: Lessons from Loeriesfontein

This 1-hour keynote is excellent as an opening address, getting conference delegates to start thinking more effectively so that they can contribute meaningfully to the conference. It is also a great closing keynote as it will help delegates reflect on the lessons learned at the conference and how to apply them.Most of what I know about life I discovered as a child in a farm in Loeriesfontein, Karoo, Northern Cape. Only sheep, weeds, shrubs, ostriches and the toughest of humans could thrive in one of the most barren environments known to mankind.

The lessons I learnt in this inhospitable environment served me in good stead to cope with the challenges life has thrown me since.

Key Concepts

  • How to take accountability
  • How to adapt or die
  • Why you should listen to the voice of experience
  • That every action you take has consequences
  • How to pay attention so that you don’t suffer pain
  • Why short-cuts normally end up in pain
  • How to make strategic decisions
  • Why you should cultivate win-win relationships
  • Why you should pass on the knowledge

Target Audience

Any audience that needs to raise their game and really start applying their unique talents.