November 7, 2011

Leopardology and Presentology by Kivi Bernhard


Professional speaker and author, Kivi Bernhard contacted me on 25 July to say that he would be presenting to some blue chip companies in South Africa in December. He asked if I would be interested in setting up a seminar or two (Leopardology™ and Presentology™) for my South African clients. I checked out his credentials and spoke to a couple of professional speakers from the PSASA and got glowing reviews. So, here’s an opportunity to learn from someone who is considered to be one of the top ten platform speakers in the world today. As one of the few business motivational speakers in South Africa who speaks on direct marketing and sales, I’m keen to learn from Kivi.


Leopardology™ – 8 December
Presentology™ – 9 December
Venue: Sunnyside Park Hotel, Parktown
Time: 08h00 – 11h00
Investment: R897 per delegate (attend both seminars for only R1 394. That’s a R400 saving).


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Simone Scholtz or 071 670 2168


Leopardology™ The Hunt For Profit In A Tough Global Economy


Heavily requested subsequent to the release of Kivi Bernhard’s critically acclaimed book, Leopardology™ – The Hunt For Profit In A Tough Global Economy! (Morgan James of NY, 2009) This is a high energy and penetrating audio-visual presentation that will take you audience deep into the African bushlands and open savannahs with the aid of award winning video footage.


The African leopard is the most successful and adaptable feline predator on earth and is master of the solo hunt. Making clients is one thing, maximizing profit and retaining them as repeat clients is quite another. It is truly an art and fast becoming the determinant of who gets to stay in business to survive the global economic transition. With incredible platform excellence that has become Kivi’s speaking signature, Kivi Bernhard will amaze, inform, motivate and inspire audiences with laughter and fun, as he extracts a possible solution from this majestic predator.


This seminar will include three of the now internationally renowned “Pillars of Positive Predatory Thinking™ ” that make up Leopardology™: You got it! Critical business thinking and strategy gleaned from the hunt of Africa’s most successful predator. It will literally leave your audience spell-bound – that is, as soon as they sit back from the edge of their seats! This presentation will empower and infuse attendees with a keen “knowledge of self” and will allow them to take precise inventory of their exact personal tooling and apparatus. This is critical, cutting-edge business and life thinking, presented like nothing you have ever experienced before. This seminar is, simultaneously, a visual, emotional and intellectual experience!


Amandla e’Ingwe – Traditional Zulu saying: “May the Strength of The Leopard Be With You!”


Presentology™ The Analysis Of Presentation And Delivery Excellence! Learning communication secrets of world class speakers


In the past, all you needed to do was “get” a job and “show up.” But, times have changed—the global economy is in deep crisis and if your organization intends to win, all members of your team must have the ability to communicate that with excellence! Come and learn from an internationally recognized master speaker what it means to:


  • Have presence and command credibility rather than just “taking up space and time”
  • Get your point across in a compelling way rather than just “deliver information”
  • Be “fully present” in both your verbal and nonverbal skills
  • Understand the mechanics and psychology of speaking and listening and learn to transport an audience from “good” to “wow”!
  • Use body language, platform psychology, stage presence and verbal skills to command attention without deviating from your core message


This is a lifetime opportunity to hear one of the most dynamic and sought after platform speakers in the world today. As an international class master speaker Kivi Bernhard has been requested to spend time with executive teams of Fortune 500’s including CNN, Home Depot, TBS, Coke and ING. Kivi is a veteran communicator with a compelling personal story and the ability to help each member of your team add to the effectiveness of your company’s message.


About Kivi Bernhard


“… Kivi Bernhard is regarded as one of the top ten platform speakers in the world today…”, Successful Meetings – The Authority on Meetings & Incentives

Taking the professional speakers circuit by storm, Kivi Bernhard has been requested to keynote audiences from the Bahamas to Bangkok. Described by a leading international speaker bureau as “one of the most promising and talented speakers in the world today” Kivi is a riveting and captivating speaker and is renowned for his platform excellence.


Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Kivi was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa. After relocating to the USA in 1997 with his wife and family and a total net worth of $860.22, Kivi went on to build a multimillion dollar international wholesale diamond business. Kivi Bernhard has received accolade from some of the finest business schools in America.


Kivi Bernhard is one of those amazing people you meet every once in a while and never forget. With an unusual synthesis, he is an orthodox Jew, passionate family man, adventurer, accomplished business entrepreneur, author and renowned speaker. CEO and founder of Kivi International LLC, an internationally known wholesale loose diamond distributor, Kivi’s business network reads like a current edition of “Who’s Who?” Tapping into this asset has allowed him access to the minds and spirit of some of the most accomplished names in the local and global business arena. A keen student of life with a huge appetite for laughter and love, Kivi is an accomplished and published musician, Judo medalist and gemological consultant.


Kivi’s “other love,” the African bush, has become part and parcel of his fiber as a human being and is what inspired the development of Leopardology™. He has an amazing ability to synthesize his lifelong passion and study of Africa’s predators with timeless life lessons across the spectrum of human experience. Often describe an amalgamation of “Crocodile Dundee” and “Jerry McGuire with yarmulka” Kivi is a riveting and captivating orator. Equally at home tracking lion deep in the African bush as he is in the executive suites of a Fortune 500, he will regale you with enthralling stories of both. A consummate professional, Kivi Bernhard is a fountain of positive energy and human potential. His personal journey, including his victories and his losses, have given him a unique laboratory in which to study the DNA of this thing we call “success.”


Testimonials for Kivi Bernhard –


“..Kivi Bernhard is regarded as one of the top ten platform speakers in the world today..”
Successful Meetings


I had to make this my first email of the day! Unfortunately, I had an early flight and missed your session on “Presentology™: The analysis of presentation and delivery excellence”, the second day of the meeting. All I have heard from ALL of my colleagues is that I missed a once in a lifetime experience for senior executive training. They said you were like nothing they have ever heard or experienced before. I have just purchased Leopardology, I’m very much looking forward to reading it and I am still kicking myself for not being there. It is all people are talking about.
Tammy, District Human Resources Manager – The Home Depot


Hello and it was a pleasure to meet you throughout the day at the CNN training meeting.
Mr.Bernhard – you were exceptional with a wealth of knowledge and professional experience to share. However, it was your warmth and positive energy that was captivating and refreshing to experience. It was indeed a privilege to meet and learn from you. I hope only someday to command a stage with the poise and presence that you do. What a speaker you are!
Brittanie Palumbo Entertainment & Animation Human Resources ▪ TS&O Human Resources


I write you this quick note to express what an incredible job you did at our executive training meeting in Puerto Rico. You were just outstanding and our entire sales team received very positive comments the whole day. Even though we are now the largest hotel group in the world, you have really brought our executives something unique that will not only affect our business but our lives also. You are also one of a kind speaker. Thank you friend!.
Salo Smaletz Regional Vice President Development – IHG InterContinental Hotels Group, Latin America


It was a great day yesterday. Your seminar presentation is simply ingenious and you are a very gifted speaker as well. I look forward to getting into your book.
We are heavily seasoned executives and I believe that what you gave us will not only impact our 2010, but in many ways our entire strategic thinking. We were looking for innovative thinking and wow, did you supply it! Thanks again for making our sales training event such a huge success. I would strongly introduce you to other GE divisions.
Chris A. Seeterlin Sourcing Manager / Supplier Diversity Leader GE Energy


Please allow me to share with you how excellent your presentation was at the Chicago meeting. To be quite frank with you we have NEVER heard a speaker of your caliber before. The teaching ideas of Leopardology are really just exceptional and have given us real world ideas that we can take away and implement in our business growth. These ideas are so applicable to our world of banking and financial services and you were just right on point! Congratulations on our best presentation ever heard, hands down! I will be reaching out to you very shortly. A side note, I just completed your book and it is excellent.
Kirill Vorobeychik, Vice President, Merrill Lynch


“…truly just an incredible keynote. Your message is absolutely perfect for our BCA members. A huge congratulations!…”
Ron Jaworski  – Business Clubs America


“We are the largest distributor of aerial lifts and platforms in the world. We have a worldwide presence…beyond question Kivi’s  international perspective and global business background made his keynote one of the best we have ever heard…”
George Chen, VP Sales, Genie, China




Leopardology™ – 8 December
Presentology™ – 9 December
Venue: Sunnyside Park Hotel, Parktown
Time: 08h00 – 11h00
Investment: R897 per delegate (attend both seminars for only R1 394. That’s a R400 saving).


Book Now
Simone Scholtz or 071 670 2168

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