July 20, 2020

Legacy Writer Brand Story 5 – Logo

Legacy Writer Logo
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Next was logo development for @jacquesamauri . Here’s what @cosmicreations , shared about the process:

Jacques is old-school with old-school values and ethics. He’s a huge Hemingway fan and wanted to emulate that aesthetic in his brand to help people connect with and understand him as a writer.

He is also a collector of typewriters. He sent me a photo of his favorite vintage one, and I drew it with a simpl(ish) outline, duplicated it for an ‘offset’ vintage look and added a splosh of colour to the keys.

The typewriter that inspired the Legacy Writer logo
Jacques’s daughter giving it a go.

We kept his name as a signature script and used a typewriter font for his designation…. The colours are typically vintage teal (the original typewriter colour) and chocolate.”

Follow @cosmicreations to see more projects she’s done – from logos to book covers to virtual photography product shots (it’s so new, it doesn’t have a name yet, we think). You can see what she did for @pinkcos_ !
Follow her and @makeascene_flatlays !

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