July 18, 2020

Legacy Writer Brand Story 4 – Doodles

Personal brand journey for Jacques de Villiers
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So our part of Legacy Writer@jacquesamauri s brand story started when he shared his epiphanies with @yvette_hess over the phone.
“I decided to note what I was feeling and seeing as he described the personality of this “evolving” of what he saw as himself, his brand reflecting who he wanted to serve .

I drew as he spoke and loved it. I showed him afterwards. I named it The Ghostwriter, because that’s what he was and who, too.”
Jacques then worked with Jo to develop the logo and colour profiles. That steered the rest which we’ll show you in the next posts. But this painting still has character, doesn’t it?

You May follow @yvette_hess to see when she makes these available as cards. It was a very small painting as she wasn’t expecting it to be this good! It was only supposed to be a doodle, apparently.

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