July 16, 2020

Legacy Writer Brand Story 3 – Client Feature

Brand journey for legacy writer, Jacques de Villiers


Client Feature @jacquesamauri
Welcome Jacques de Villiers ??‍?(couldn’t find a salt and pepper haired ?‍? emoji of someone behind a laptop).

Jacques is a writer, specifically a writer who writes about YOU, who you want to show up as, who you are in your bio, in your LinkedIn profile, in your About page on your website. He writes about you when words seem to fail you, or time seems to run away from you.
Why would you (or we) trust anyone, let alone @jacquesamauri with your story and your words?

Firstly, he has been intimate with words and writing (??‍???) in his own book “What if Hollywood doesn’t call- A Fractured Monk’s Guide to Enlightenment”.

Secondly, he’s ghostwritten 12 books (so getting intimate with the stories of others). Thirdly, it’s been more than a hobby, he’s studied and practiced direct copywriting, essay writing, memoir writing. (Many know him as a professional (veteran) speaker which further adds layers to the story of who Jacques is- beyond his keyboard ⌨️.
We’ll share in the next slides how Jo helped him with getting that target audience right from the start and how Yvette designed some doodles and header images for his site.

And why it’s working!

One of the biggest reasons we are a champion of Jacques is because he knows, again intimately, the journey within. What sets him apart isn’t only the skill of writing, and uhm selling, but knowing how to bring you to a space where YOU can see your life journey as epic (because it is). Whether that’s in a few lines in your bio or an extended piece for your proposal or as your own legacy in ebook form, 

@jacquesamauri has your story, your brand and your legacy at the core.
We loved what he had to offer so much that we opted to be the cherries ? on top and add our book cover, illustration and ePub services to his offering.
Branding IS storytelling ☺️

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