July 14, 2020

Legacy writer brand story 2 – Write Your Story

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brand_expressions have been posting my brand journey onto its Instagram account. That would be Jo Petzer and Yvette Hess

Forgive us but the next few posts may contain even drier jokes and colour scheme may be quite “vintage” ? Both the colour scheme and the dry humor, we can blame on @jacquesamauri , our resident web and sales copy writer.

Jacques is one of our clients, our very first. Perhaps there should be a prize for that besides just the honour of naming him our first. ??
We’ll delve into the process of working with him in the posts to come. For now, check out our offering where we had no choice but to shine light on his offer and showcase how @cosmicreations and I bring his offering full circle.
Branding IS storytelling. So it was a no brainer to create this offering.

He writes your epic life story, quite epically, and we turn it into a book you can have ready to sell, ready to share, in less than three months.

Check the link to the product in the bio and email us at to get more info!

You can read about Jacques here :
And you can check out his book on Amazon, “What If Hollywood Doesn’t Call? A Fractured Monk’s Guide To Enlightenment”.
He’s ghostwritten over 10 books, written his own above, he’s written over 1000 articles and is backed by from decades of speaking too.
He knows storytelling; he knows people. And we have a feeling it’s because he’s journeyed within, time and time again. As have you. So let him help you bring your epic story, your legacy, home to clients, to your audience, to your family. Mostly home to you.

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